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by Marina Queirolo

... continuing from Scotch Mountain Meats farm trip
Sadly, we had to leave with the promise to come back soon. Sean Bradley from Kolapore Springs had come to pick me up. Introductions were made. It was a great opportunity to meet his neighbors, chat about possible ways to collaborate..., but also, I feared they knew I was going to get lost trying to make it to my next destination... it was about 45 minutes away all along inner roads.
Sean's product is at the Farmers' Market through Fisher Folk. I had heard so many great things about what he was doing in the aquaculture industry that I had to see it.

Once at the facility, we were joined by his partner, Bruce Green. They both showed me the surrounding area, their water source, the two uphill streams that join and travel through a beautiful forest, collecting microorganisms, even tiny shrimp (check the picture) that contain an enzyme that adds flavor and color to the trout. Once inside the facility, they showed me the different stages of the life of the trout, from the tiny fish you see in the net, to the pools outside.

We talked about the organic feed they are bringing from the west coast and how they are working with the government to create a framework for organic fish.

It is also important to note the low fish density in the pools, and how that affects the growth and health of the animals. Just like us, fish do not like to live in a cramped environment.

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