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Vendor Profile: LifeSpring (Beyond Organic) Farm

Region: Peterborough-Kawarthas

Category: Specialty Products

We have been farming organically for 12 years with what I call Holistic Agriculture. We have been certified by OCCA in the past but now go beyond any certification as I use 53 Biodynamic preps, homeopathics, radionics, organic nano fertilizers with humic and fulvic acid, sea minerals, ormus, colloidal silver, structured water, EMF devices, greenhouses,etc.
We like to differentiate ourselves from other vendors so in addition to organic produce such as beets, carrots, kale, cucumbers, etc. we have:
-grass-fed Scottish Highland beef (herd of 40)
-free range chickens and eggs
-asparagus right now in May
-wheatgrass and barley grass
-bottled ormus
-bottled colloidal/nano silver and gold
-biodynamic vortex brewed compost tea made within 24 hours
-worms (red wigglers)
-stinging nettle (dried or fresh)
-structured spring water from our artesian wells
-rasberry canes in the spring and fall
-cedar, spruce trees in spring and fall