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Region: Greater Toronto

Category: Beverages

Canadian hand crafted, bio-regional wild teas with a distinctive full bodied taste evocative  of the Canadian wilderness. Inspired by the incredible diversity of edible indigenous plants in Canada's bio-regions. We believe crafting these teas honours the knowledge  and wisdom our ancestors referred to as ‘First Medicine’.

City: Toronto


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Tibo Teas will be serving our Wild Blueberry Festival Tea created especially for the Wild blueberry festival at Evergreen Brickworks. This tea is inspired by our amazing wild blueberries considered sacred by the First Nations. Legend has it that the Great Spirit sent wild blueberries ‘star berries’ to feed his children during a time of starvation. Even today they are considered part of the traditional diet.

Ingredients: mulberry leaf, oat straw, Saskatoon berries, wild blueberries and wild blueberry leaves which may help improve digestion, circulation, and  reduce blood sugar. Suitable for diabetics.

Uniquely Canadian, Tibo Teas creates artisanal hand-crafted loose-leaf herbal teas sustainably harvested from Ontario’s diverse bio-regions. Respectfully following a tradition of wise woman teachings and earth spirit medicine, we believe crafting teas from local plants is a natural extension of the locavore movement.

Our teas are available exclusively at Evergreen Brickworks.

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Last updated: August 18, 2014, 4:26 pm