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Vendor Profile: ChocoSol

Region: Greater Toronto

Category: Specialty Products

ChocoSol is a social enterprise that uses artisanal dark chocolate as a symbolic product.

Our artisan chocolate is made right here in Toronto using organic, forest garden, shade-grown cacao, sourced directly from indigenous communities in Southern Mexico. Our horizontal trade relationships go beyond the exchange of commodities and bring symbolic products, whose story is as important as the product itself.

Our chocolates are made without dairy, gluten, soy and nuts, and are also vegan. We offer our eating chocolate, hot and iced chocolate and mocha drinks, as well as our Maize Power Cookies at both the Saturday and Sunday markets. On Saturdays we also offer fresh hot tamales and tortilla pizzas made from local, organic maize and prepared in our Maize Kitchen.

Beyond the market, we offer chocolate workshops, educational demonstrations, catering, social gatherings, and participate in a number of events in and around Toronto.

Store Address: 1131 St. Clair West, Toronto

Postal Code: M6E1B1

Phone: 416-923-6675



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