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Niagara Region

Niagara holds a special place in southern Ontario food and wine culture as one of the first and best-known culinary tourist destinations.
The Niagara Peninsula is sandwiched between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, which together moderate the area’s temperatures year-round. The Niagara Escarpment, running east-west, ensures a milder microclimate on the “Bench” of land at its base, holding Lake Ontario breezes close to the ground. This extends both the growing season and the tourism season.
For many, Niagara is synonymous with Ontario soft fruit orchards and viticulture; however, the land supports a wide range of agriculture, including significant greenhouse and poultry operations. Today the region is also building a strong innovation and learning component at culinary colleges, university programs and training institutions that support all aspects of regional cuisine and culinary tourism.

Local Community Partners
These like-minded organizations or business from time to time have participated at the farmers' market or are members of our farmers' market community:


Vendors in the Niagara Region Area:

Bizjak Farms

Feast Of Fields Organic Orchard And Vineyard

Flat Rock Cellars

GreenLane Estate Winery

Southbrook Vineyards - Bioflavia

Stratus Winery

Vauxhall Farm