Children and Youth

Evergreen Brick Works offers unique programming for kids and youth to explore Toronto’s ravine systems in the heart of the Lower Don Valley.

Just like a plant needs sunshine to grow, time spent connecting with nature is key to a child’s development. Through experiential learning and play in outdoor settings, we help children and youth embrace empathy and compassion towards nature, nurture their sense of belonging and community, build confidence in problem-solving and skill development, all in hope to give them the best chance of enjoying a happy and healthy life.

Our Children and Youth programs are designed on the following principles:

1. Place-Based

Building a foundation of knowledge through a focus on local nature, culture and community.

2. Ecological

Providing children and youth with direct contact and time with nature.

3. Experiential

Creating an inclusive setting for compelling learning through multi-sensory direct experiences.

4. Active and Mobile

Moving the body to engage the mind to build healthy relationships.

5. Arts-Infused

Breathing life into learning through creativity, compelling narratives and art activities.

Our Children and Youth programs are engaging, active, memorable and a lot of fun! We strive to connect children and youth to nature in the city by spending time outdoors exploring the natural landscape on foot or bike, mindfully building curiosity and empathy towards our local residents of the valley, creatively crafting through art activities and storytelling and so much more, all of which giving our children the skills and abilities they need to be thoughtful leaders and stewards of our cities in the future.


Depending on the season and the program, our Children and Youth programs are suited for children ranging from ages 14 months old to 14 years old. Please reach out to for more information.

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Children and Youth
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