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The Brickmakers Gallery

A drawing of a city on display

Industrial Heritage

See which of Toronto’s buildings were built by the Brick Works.

This exhibit explores the history of Evergreen Brick Works as a brick making factory. Delving into the impact of the Great Toronto Fire and resources extracted from the former quarry onsite, learn about the brick making process and hear the stories and experiences of the workers who were employed by the Don Valley Brick Works.

Sustainable Practices

Learn about how this redeveloped building is reducing our carbon footprint.

This exhibit explores the sustainable practices that have been put into place in Evergreen’s redevelopment of the former kiln building to become the TD Future Cities Centre. Learn about the innovative technique used to create our floor and the geothermal system used to heat and cool the building.

Community Solutions Network Innovation Showcase

Learn about real ideas that uses data and technology to address urban issues in communities across Canada.

In this exhibit, you will see:

  • Green Iglu’s program to support a food secure Northern Canada, complete with a functional hydroponic system.
  • Pond Tech’s use of carbon capture technology to produce algae that can be used for Food, Feed, Fibers and Fuel.
  • The Berczy Glen project, a collaboration between leaders in housing development, sustainable energy, and municipal governance.
  • The Canadian National Institute for the Blind’s beacon and app-based technology to make neighbourhoods more accessible for people with visual impairment.

The Community Solutions Network is a program of Future Cities Canada. Learn more here.