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Evergreen Art Program

Three gargoyle statues that are available for viewing along the Don River Valley
Top image caption: Duane Linklater, Monsters for Beauty, Permanence and Individuality, Lower Don Trail. Photo: Yuula Benivolski

The Evergreen Art Program

Art and culture are widely-recognized components of healthy cities; catalyzing collaboration among communities, governments, intermediaries, artists, urban planners, ecologists and others. Art fosters self-determination within communities; it can be an accessible and democratic form of culture, cultivate deep connection to place, and create new ways of engaging critical issues of our time. 

The broader Evergreen Art Program encompasses three streams: Evergreen Public Art, featuring curated and commissioned public art projects and related events; the annual Cultural Performing Arts Series; and our Exhibits program, which connects visitors with the Evergreen Brick Works site via artistic interventions, educational and partner exhibits and interpretive signage. 


Public Art

The Evergreen Public Art program engages audiences with the Evergreen Brick Works site and surrounding ravine system through a series of site-responsive art projects with established and emerging contemporary artists. Evergreen’s approach to public art is multi-pronged, inviting artists to activate underutilized sites, collaborate with Evergreen’s programs, partners and visitors, and tell the stories of site, the city and the surrounding river valley. 

Evergreen Public Art engages the organization’s mission and values of connection, sustainability and innovation through the lens of artists – addressing questions surrounding the urban landscape and the public realm, the future of cities, equity and inclusion in public space, Indigenous land relationships and connections between the natural and built environment. The program prioritizes temporary public art – including performances, photographic installations, murals, sculpture and research – commissioning artists to present new works exploring the complex narratives of the Don Valley, including the industrial, cultural, ecological and Indigenous histories of the area.

Public art is a key place-making component of Evergreen’s broader ravine work, which includes partnering with municipal government and community partners to revitalize the area’s ecology and improve access and infrastructure in the Don River Valley. This branch of Evergreen’s art program builds on the success of the Don River Valley Park Art Program, which introduced a new model for public art in Toronto with the city’s first program specifically commissioning temporary public art on an ongoing basis. 

Though the public art at Evergreen Brick Works take many forms, all will challenge visitors to think critically, engage differently, and learn more about how we can shape the future of our cities.

Explore this section to learn more about our current public art projects, talks and workshops, performances and exhibits.

Evergreen Public Art Advisory Committee

This compelling vision has been developed with the hard work, ideas, imagination and financial support of the following individuals:

  • Michelle Koerner (chair)
  • Rebecca Carbin
  • Catherine Dean
  • Judy Matthews
  • Alissa North
  • Frances Price
  • Robin Young
  • Charlene K. Lau (Evergreen)
  • Sarah Milroy
  • Devan Patel