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Evergreen Public Art

Three gargoyle statues that are available for viewing along the Don River Valley

For as long as Evergreen has been an organization, art has been integrated into our work and the Brick Works site. We firmly believe art has a powerful, intrinsic ability to foster self-determination within communities, provide an accessible and democratic form of culture, and create new ways of engaging with the critical issues of our time.

The Evergreen Public Art Program engages visitors to the Brick Works site and surrounding ravine system through site-responsive projects, created by established and emerging contemporary artists. Artists are invited to activate underutilized sites, collaborate with Evergreen's programs, and to tell the stories of the surrounding area.


Though the public art at Evergreen Brick Works take many forms, all will challenge visitors to think critically, engage differently, and learn more about how we can shape the future of our cities.

Explore this section to learn more about our current public art projects, talks and workshops, performances and exhibits.

Evergreen Public Art Advisory Committee

This compelling vision has been developed with the hard work, ideas, imagination and financial support of the following individuals:

  • Michelle Koerner (chair)
  • Rebecca Carbin
  • Catherine Dean
  • Judy Matthews
  • Alissa North
  • Frances Price
  • Robin Young
  • Kari Cwynar (Evergreen)
  • Sarah Milroy
  • Devan Patel