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Corporate Team Building

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Connect to your team through fun experiences that leave you inspired to build more resilient cities.

At Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto or virtually from anywhere.

Team Building at Evergreen Brick Works

Update - August, 2021:

Evergreen is thrilled to announce the return of in-person team building programs at Evergreen Brick Works! See our program details below.

Eco Warriors

Give back to your community by making a contribution to your local environment.

Through activities such as removing harmful plants and creating viable habitats for Toronto’s most vulnerable creatures, we’ll equip your team with the tools and ecological knowledge to make a positive contribution for your community today, and into the future.

Fire & Knives

Learn how to construct a fire using knives, hand tools, and traditional fire starting methods. 

How fast can you start a fire? Groups can be split into teams or work together in a timed challenge. After the challenge we’ll roast tasty treats over an open flame. 

Shelter Build Challenge

Create a shelter using natural materials that can withstand the elements.

In this timed challenge, groups work collaboratively to build a shelter that will be tested for strength, wind resistance, waterproofing, and more.

Nature in the City

Get outside, enjoy the fresh air and connect to the urban wilderness.

With a guided tour from our outdoor educators, you’ll learn how to identify bird calls, track creatures and recognize edible plants. Play games which challenge you to discover more by using your senses and even camouflaging into your environment.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Compete or work together to unearth the secrets of the natural world at the Brick Works.

Embark on a site-wide scavenger hunt to complete a circuit of challenges, riddles, and questions as quickly as possible. A fun way to increase your group’s connection to Toronto’s nature & history!

Evergreen’s Virtual Team Building

Gardening at Home

Tune in and dig in as we explore innovative and creative ways to grow food at home.

We’ll share ideas on upcycling materials to make into planters, best practices for irrigation, composting, and more. Join the movement as we grow food for ourselves, our friends and communities.

Prices & Details

Team Building at Evergreen Brick Works

Our full Team Building package includes:

  • A 3-hr program for up to 50 participants 
  • Any in-person teambuilding activity 
  • A guided ecological tour of the Don Valley Brick Works Park and Brick Works heritage site. 
  • A roasting fire & seasonal treat
  • Optional add-ons of meeting room space and Café Belong catering (inquire for pricing details and availability)

>20 participants: $4,200+ +HST

<20 participants: $200/person +HST

New: Team Building Lite at Evergreen Brick Works

Our new Team Building Lite package includes: 

  • A 1.5 hr. Program for up to 35 participants 
  • Any in-person teambuilding activity
  • Optional add-ons of meeting room space and Café Belong catering (inquire for pricing details and availability)

>20 participants*: $1500+HST 

<20 participants: $100/person + HST 

*for more than 35 participants please contact us for a custom quote.

Virtual Team Building

<50 participants: $2,500 +HST

>50 participants: $50/person +HST

Virtual programs are 1 hour in length, for up to 300 participants.

Contact Us & Book Now

Book your team building experience by contacting us at We look forward to connecting with you!