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How many guests can Evergreen Brick Works accommodate?

Please visit our Event Venues page for detailed information on each of our unique venues.

Our events team can help determine what space will best suit your event. For more information and to contact one of our Event Managers directly, please contact

Can I hold an outdoor event?

Evergreen Brick Works offers three partial outdoor spaces: the CRH Gallery & Koerner Gardens, the Pavilions, as well as the BMO Atrium & Terrace.

What time does my event have to end?

Music and bar service will end at the contract closing time negotiated with your event manager and no later than 1am.

Where do our guests park their vehicles?

Evergreen has approximately 350 parking spots. Parking fees are $8/spot. Please note that the venue fee does not include parking fees and these must be paid separately. Prepaid parking can be arranged. Prepaid parking is $8/spot during the week and $10/spot on weekends.

Transportation Services

If you would like to use an alternative mode of transportation for your event Evergreen can assist in the coordination of bus, shuttle, taxis, limo services, etc.

Are your facilities wheelchair accessible?

Yes, all our event spaces and main washrooms are wheelchair accessible.

Is photography permitted?

A photography permit for the Evergreen Brick Works is included in the venue fee. This permit is valid for the day of your event. Please communicate any photography plans to your Event Manager to ensure access to those spaces.

If you are not hosting an event at Evergreen Brick Works, please visit our Photography Permits page.

Are we able to bring in our own caterer?

Evergreen Brick Works has partnered with award-winning Chef Brad Long and Belong Catering to create custom menus that reflect your taste and budget. Belong Catering supports sustainable food communities by partnering with local producers and artisans.

Are we able to rent the venue and bring in all of our own suppliers?

All suppliers (caterers, event rentals, etc.) must be chosen from our exclusive and preferred suppliers list. If an external caterer or food vendor(s) are approved by your Events Manager, the vendors must respect the Evergreen Sustainability Catering Policy.

Is your venue licensed?

Evergreen Brick Works is licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). Alcoholic beverages are served in accordance with the AGCO, Monday-Sunday from 11am–1am (last call is at 12:45am and cleared of all alcohol by 1:45am).

What limitations apply to decor?

Please note that in order to protect the heritage of Evergreen Brick Works’ buildings Evergreen do not allow:

  • Balloons (unless biodegradable);
  • Posting, nailing, taping or tacking anything to any of the walls;
  • The use of non-dripless candles (candles must be dripless);
  • The use of linens and fabric that are not flame-retardant;
  • The use of confetti or flower petals;


Any installation of a tent or other freestanding structure must be arranged through your Evergreen Event Manager.


Pyrotechnics of any kind are not permitted.

Can I host both my ceremony and wedding reception here?

The Frances & Tim Price Terrace can be added on to either one of these venues to provide an additional option for a ceremony. Availability of the terrace varies depending on the season.

Are there rooms for the bridal party’s use?

Yes, we can provide one of our meeting rooms on the second floor of the Centre for Green Cities for the bridal party’s use based on availability.

Can I host a birthday party?

Visitors who wish to hold informal birthday gatherings in one of our outdoor spaces must inform The Welcome Desk prior to arrival, as the Events team will have to be notified accordingly.

We ask that all site users respect the following guidelines:

  • Users are responsible for the proper management of their own garbage and other waste materials.
  • We adhere to a “Pack In, Pack Out” policy: whatever you bring with you to the site, you are expected to take with you when you leave.
  • If you wish to use the Children’s Garden during their weekend open hours, note that parents must accompany children into the play area.
  • Visits to the site should take place during regular operating hours: Monday–Friday 9am–5pm, Saturday 8am–5pm, Sunday and Holidays 10am–5pm.
  • Respect other users of the site, including Evergreen programming and special events.
  • Please make contingency plans in case of rain. There is no extra indoor space available, and the area is susceptible to flooding. All visitors will be asked to evacuate the site immediately in the event of a flood situation.
  • Please do not bring balloons. They tend to remain on site, and become an environmental hazard.
  • Evergreen Brick Works is a public site on land managed by the City of Toronto, and is subject to city bylaws. Alcohol is not permitted in non-licensed or outdoor areas.

Program areas such as the Children's Garden or the Pavilions are reserved for Evergreen's use, and indoor birthday parties are prohibited in the Young Welcome Centre and Building 14 (Marketplace). If you wish to use an indoor space, we encourage visitors to formally book Birthday Parties by contacting our Events department to book a room. Note that Evergreen does not provide programming or activities for children’s parties.

Is there free Wi-Fi?

Yes, free Wi-Fi is available in our event venues.

What is the last day for a final guest count?

Your final guest count is required at least 10 days prior your event.

Who are your suppliers?

We take pride in supporting local vendors, contributing to the growth of the local economy, as well as respecting the environment.

  • Catering: Belong Catering
  • A/V: Epiq Vision
  • Rentals: Chairman Mills, Divine Furniture Rentals, Contemporary Furniture Rentals
  • Staffing: Leave It T.O. Us
  • Security: Sentinel Security