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School Visits

“In the words of our kids: ‘Best trip ever!’ ‘Can we come back?’ ‘When?’”—Teacher, Regent Park/Duke of York Public School

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Registration for in-person Visiting School Program opens Sept. 7, 2021! 

Please note that bookings will only be available for Tuesdays and Thursdays until further notice.

Based in the heart of Toronto’s ravine system at Evergreen Brick Works, our Visiting School Program uses natural, ecological, and physical architecture to connect children to nature, get them active, and cultivate their ecological literacy.

Join us for an exciting nature and play-based experience with your students.

If you have questions about the program, please contact us at or 416-596-1495 x289.

Download our School Visit Brochure (PDF, 370 KB)

Program Details

  • Grades K–12
  • Available October–June, Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Programs are full days
  • Curriculum-linked
Kids exploring nature in the winter. Photo: Mike DerblichI think the realization for the kids and myself that the city has a gem hidden, just walking distance from the subway, is simply incredible.
Teacher, Lord Dufferin School


The School Visits to Evergreen Brick Works program operates on a scaled model with three streams – actual cost, partially subsidized and fully subsidized.

Evergreen is a not-for-profit organization and as such, the financial implications of COVID-19 have been significant. If your school is able, we kindly ask that you pay the full cost of $30/student. 

Should the full cost program be unavailable to your school, the partially subsidized rate of $15/student can be requested.  

Eligible schools can receive a fully subsidized program. If you wish to be considered for a fully subsidized program, please read the “Qualifying for a fully subsidized program” section below and complete the eligibility criteria section of the application form.  

Please note that we have a limited number of fully and partially subsidized programs and therefore they are subject to availability.

Expand for detailed rate information

Program Type 

Price Per Student 

Minimum Cost 

Non-Subsidized Stream 
Actual Cost (open to any institution interested in paying true cost)  $30 $300

Subsidized Stream 

Full Subsidy 



Partial Subsidy 



High School Partial Subsidy 



Skate School (incl. Skate Rental) 



Indigenous Land Connections 



Qualifying for a fully subsidized program

Fully subsidized programs are available to qualifying schools located in the City of Toronto.   

TDSB schools:   

Elementary schools that rank in the Top 150 of the TDSB Learning Opportunities Index (TDSB LOI), or model schools, qualify for a fully subsidized program. High schools that rank within the top 30 schools on the TDSB LOI may also qualify.   

TCDSB schools:   

Your school’s eligibility will be assessed based on the TDSB LOI ranking of the nearest TDSB school. We recognize that the socio-economics (median-income, level of education, etc.) of a neighbourhood can vary greatly across space. Therefore, we will also ask you to provide any supporting information during your application that demonstrates your school’s need.    

Please indicate on your application if you would like to be considered for a fully subsidized program, and provide the appropriate information. 

Program Offerings

See our program offerings for:

Seasonal & Specialty

Eco Clubs (All grades): Looking for a unique, experiential program for your eco-ambassadors? Join us for a full day program at Evergreen Brick Works where we’ll explore sustainability ideas here onsite which you can bring back to your school. Programs are tailored to students interests as well as to the seasons and weather.

Skate School (Grades 2 and up): A skating rink like no other in Toronto, hidden from the winds by old factory walls and shaped around garden mounds, our rink connects students to the beauty of the outdoors while getting them active and having fun! Improve skating skills and work up an appetite with the help of our experienced coaches before lunch, then join us for storytelling and get cozy around a fire with roasted apples in the afternoon. This program will be adapted to suit the ages and abilities of participants. We provide the skates!

Custom Program (All grades): Interested in designing a custom program for your class? Select "Custom Program" on your application and you will be contacted with a survey to help us better understand your vision. 


Urban Animal Adventures: Children are naturally curious about the animals that inhabit the world around them. Through songs, guided exploration and crafts, students will learn about the different animals that fly, hop, burrow, and swim at Evergreen Brick Works. Students will make connections to what they see at Evergreen Brick Works with what they find in their communities.

Grade One

The Living City: The local community is presented in the context of the natural community, and the idea that all living things need food, water, shelter, and space. We will show how the interaction of elements in a strong human community represents a healthy ecosystem. The Living City introduces students to Toronto’s surprising abundance of living things—fox, deer, coyote, rabbit, and a host of birds, insects and plants—and how close these live to our communities of homes, streets, grocery stores and schools. Curriculum connections: S&T; SS

Grade Two

Water, Water Everywhere: Students will follow the local ravine landscape and discover Mud Creek, which meanders through the heart of the city. Students will explore the dynamics of moving water by creating mini rivers, dams, beaver lodges and more. Water is a feature central to communities around the world and Toronto’s relationship with water is a case in point. Curriculum connections: S&T

Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Students will explore the landscape through the eyes of the local animals. By engaging all of their senses, students will track the animals and learn about their interesting characteristics and behaviours. Through games, stories and habitat-building, students will learn about the importance of protecting the land for generations to come. Curriculum connections: S&T

Grade Three

Earth Shelters: Children are builders by nature. In this program they use natural materials to create shelters that mimic the architecture of plants and animals. Working in groups, students will explore hands-on how different building techniques can affect the strength and stability of various structures. Curriculum connections: S&T

Grade Four

Our Home and Habitat: This is a wide-ranging exploration of the hills and dales of Toronto’s unique ravine landscape. The ravines of Toronto play host to an amazing diversity of wildlife, and students will learn where and how these creatures live together in the same space with enough food, water, air and shelter. In a sustainable city, physical and human geography are in harmony, and the connection between people and place is strong and vibrant. Curriculum connections: S&T

Geology Rocks: Evergreen Brick Works sits on the floodplain of an ancient river, where there was once an industrial quarry the size of the Rogers Centre. The quarry excavated clay and shale to make the bricks that built this city; but the process of digging exposed half a billion years of geological time and an epic tale of nature’s history. Students will explore how the landscape evolved naturally and through human interventions. Curriculum connections: S&T

Grade Five

Stealing Fire: Energy begins with the fire of the sun. The fire flows through the green leaves and needles of the plant kingdom into the metabolism of animals, including human beings. But unlike other animals, human beings learned to ignite and exploit fire. Students will explore how energy is transferred and transformed within food webs and other systems. Curriculum connections: S&T

Grade Six

The Web of Life: This program is an exploration of the astonishing diversity of life in Toronto’s ravine ecosystem. The wetland habitat in the Don Valley Brick Works Park plays host to more species than any other space in the city. The surrounding ravines provide homeland for fox, coyote, beaver, turtle, hawk and salmon. Curriculum connections: S&T; SS

Grade Seven

Producers, Consumers and Decomposers: Discover how all three interact in the natural environment, right here in the heart of the city. Learn about food webs that connect the different creatures living in the Don Valley and what happens when humans effect their balance. Students will get hands on with our vermi-compost and other decomposers to get a firsthand look at how decomposers contribute to a healthy environment.

Water in the City: With its rivers, forests and dramatic geography, Toronto’s ravine system defines the City's landscape. Making up 17 percent of Toronto’s total area, ravines wind through residential, commercial and industrial neighbourhoods. Students will get a close up look at the ravine system that cuts through the Brick Works and learn about the history of these water ways and how humans have impacted the rivers and streams. Students will get to experience the challenges of designing a city around a ravine system and the negative and positive effects of moving water through a city.

Grade Eight

Exploring our Watershed: Evergreen Brick Works is located in the heart of the Don Valley watershed. Students will have the opportunity to explore the site and adjacent park for signs of watershed management and discover strategies used to mitigate pollution and human impact. Students will get hands on and experiment with different ways to protect our watershed.

Grade Nine to Twelve

NEW! Urban Wild: Cities need wild nature, they also need city builders who recognize the interconnectedness of human, natural and built words. In this introduction to the urban wild, students Grades 9-12 can meet subject specific learning goals through experiential landscape-based learning. Join us as we explore the role of nature in the city against a backdrop of the Lower Don Parklands and Evergreen Brick Works- a global showcase for innovation, green design and urban sustainability.

Indigenous Land Connections: Join Brother Nature on an exploration of Indigenous land connections with a focus on urban agriculture. We’ll explore traditional techniques to gardening, learn about common native plants grown throughout the landscape, and dive into discussions on how plants can heal and nourish the mind and body. Using common household items, we’ll explore indoor gardening techniques, so you can plant, harvest and share in all seasons. Explore how knowledge of Indigenous gardening and cooking can be a powerful act of reconciliation. 

If you have questions about the program, please contact us at or 416-596-1495 x289.