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SUSPENDED - Evergreen at Your School

Bring the magic of nature connection to your school with these immersive programs.

Evergreen staff walking while kids play

This program is suspended until further notice.

Please take a look at our other program offerings: Virtually Outdoors and School Visits to Evergreen Brick Works.

Bring the magic of nature connection to your school! In these immersive full day programs students will discover the surprising amount of nature in the most urbanized of environments and participate in hands-on activities that inspire care and curiosity towards the natural world. 

This program is currently offered for Grades K-6. 

For TDSB schools, we are offering this program to Learning Centres 1 and 4, or within a 10km radius of Evergreen Brick Works.

If you have questions about the program, please contact us at or 416-596-1495 x289.


Evergreen at Your School operates on a scaled model with two streams – subsidized and non-subsidized. This model aims to ensure accessibility for all, by giving schools which can afford the option to pay actual cost, thus supporting the program and providing other schools with the same opportunity.

A full subsidy is available for qualifying schools. Please indicate on your application should you require a fully subsidized visit and we will respond with eligibility and availability.

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Program Type

Price Per Student


Full Subsidy Free Free
Partial Subsidy $20 $400
Actual Cost (open to any institution interested in paying true cost) $40 $400

Program Offerings

See our program offerings for:


Urban Animal Adventures: Children are naturally curious about the animals that inhabit the world around them. Through songs, stories, games and a guided exploration of their schoolyard, students will become nature detectives and learn about local animals that fly, hop, burrow, and swim. This sensory focused program will introduce students to hands on outdoor experiential learning. Using a pallet of natural materials students will work together to design and construct a home for a local creature of their choice building empathy for the natural world and with each other in the process!

Grade One

The Living City: What do living things need to survive and flourish? What can humans do to help? Through storytelling, games and exciting hands-on activities, join us as we will explore the similarities between healthy ecosystems and vibrant human communities. Using natural materials, students will have an opportunity to create homes for animals that include food, water, shelter and protection from predators. Together we’ll learn about reciprocity and the actions we can take to balance our needs with those of the many other living creatures who share our city.

Grade Two

Water, Water Everywhere: Water is critical for all living things, and it can be hard to come by in the city! We’ll explore where urban plants and animals get their water and the ways living things play a role in keeping our water clean. Through constructing habitats and sharing stories that spotlight Toronto’s water loving creatures, we’ll get acquainted with our city’s rich ravines and the role they play in supporting both local wildlife, and us!

Grade Three

Earth Shelters: Urban wildlife needs to be adaptive and creative to survive! Join us as we explore animal architecture in Toronto and learn about the strategies creatures use to make their homes strong, stable and functional. We’ll challenge students to use natural materials to create Toronto animal habitats that pass fun and rigorous tests designed to replicate the challenges posed by our dynamic urban environments.

Grade Four

Geology Rocks: Toronto’s rocks tell a dramatic story of moving ice, massive lakes and tropical oceans. We’ll bring this geological history to life at your school through stories and hands-on learning. An introduction of different rock types will lead to a survey and exploration of rocks in your school ground and fun, active games reinforce learnings. Students will get a chance to analyze and classify rocks they discover based on criteria provided by facilitators and dive into deep time with experiential learning.

Grade Five

The Energy Around Us: The flow and exchange of energy is critical to the planet’s survival. Every animal, including us, needs energy to survive. But how do we get it? How do local plants and animals get it? Where does it come from? We’ll explore these questions through hands-on activities and storytelling activities designed to help children see the urban wilderness through the eyes of creatures who inhabit it. We’ll also challenge students to embody real strategies animals use to conserve energy through fun, teambuilding focused games.

Grade Six

Web of Life: All of Toronto’s living things- including us- are part of an interwoven system. We’ll explore these connections through uncovering the surprising networks of fungi, flora and fauna in our schoolyards. Hopeful stories of restoration will be shared using the Evergreen Brick Works site as a case study. Using a natural pallet of nature play materials, students will be asked to design habitats meeting the needs of some of Toronto’s most vital and vulnerable creatures.

If you have questions about the program, please contact us at or 416-596-1495 x289