Free Public Skate

The Evergreen Brick Works outdoor skating rink weaves through snow-covered gardens under exposed beams from the roof of the old brick factory.

Public Skating is on for the 2023-2024 season!


Join us for another season of Free Public Skating at Evergreen Brick Works! Whether you’re skating with your family, meeting up with a friend or connecting with a stranger, this program is the perfect opportunity to get outside, get active and connect with community during the winter season. Where else in the city can you skate under the beams of a historic brick factory? It truly is an experience that you won’t want to miss!


Please note that our opening is weather dependent so we recommend checking our website and Instagram stories for updates on rink status. For more information please contact

Dates, times and fees are coming soon!
Saturday, Dec 239am -5pm
Sunday, Dec 249am - 5pm
Tuesday, Dec 269am - 5pm
Wednesday, Dec 279am - 5pm
Thursday, Dec 289am - 5pm
Friday, Dec 299am - 5pm
Saturday, Dec 309am - 5pm
Sunday, Dec 319am - 5pm
Saturday, Jan 69am - 12pm
Sunday, Jan 71pm - 5pm
Saturday, Jan 139am - 12pm
Sunday, Jan 141pm - 5pm
Saturday, Jan 209am - 12pm
Sunday, Jan 211pm - 5pm
Saturday, Jan 279am - 12pm
Sunday, Jan 281pm -5pm
Saturday, Feb 39am - 12pm
Sunday, Feb 41pm - 5pm
Saturday, Feb 109am - 12pm
Sunday, Feb 111pm - 5pm
Saturday, Feb 179am - 12pm
Sunday, Feb 181pm - 5pm
Monday, Feb 1910am - 3pm
Saturday, Feb 249am - 12pm
Sunday, Feb 251pm - 5pm
Photo by: Nathan Zhu


What do we do in inclement weather?

In the case of warm weather or extreme weather, Evergreen will cancel lessons & close public skating. As weather conditions may change unexpectedly, cancellation may be issued after class or public skating has started. Updates about public skating can be found on our website and instagram pages.


Extreme Weather is classified as:

  • -20 degrees Celsius with windchill
  • Freezing Rain
  • Hail
  • Extreme heavy rain/snow
  • Or otherwise classified by Environment Canada and the City of Toronto
Do you have a refund & cancellation policy?

Personal Cancellations: To be eligible for a session refund, cancellations must be requested in writing to no later than 10 business days prior to the session start date. Late registration (within 10 business days of class start) will not be eligible for refund. No refunds will be issued if a reservation is cancelled within 10 business days of the session start date. In addition, no partial refunds will be offered for missed days. Otherwise, fees are 75% refundable (25% of fees will be retained as an administration fee). Please note, registrations are non-transferable.


Refund requests within 10 business days of the session start date can only be granted for extraordinary circumstances or major medical reasons. All requests must be received in writing and submitted to and will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Program Manager. Please note, mild illnesses (i.e., common cold & flu) and changes in personal circumstances are not considered valid for refund.


Evergreen Cancellations: Evergreen will issue an email to all household emails in case of cancellation. Please note, it is the responsibility of the participant to check your household email for updates on rink conditions/lesson cancellations. Should Evergreen cancel 3 or more lessons in one session, a refund will be issued to participants. If 1 or 2 lessons in one session are cancelled by Evergreen, no refunds will be provided. Private lessons are an exception – private lessons cancelled by Evergreen will be refunded.

What do I wear to skating lessons?
  • A CSA-approved helmet is mandatory for all ages and levels.
  • Skate with laces (hockey or figure skates) are recommended. Skates are available to rent for $20/session. If you need to borrow a pair of skates for your lesson, please select the skate rental option on your registration.
  • We recommend all skaters to wear snow pants, gloves/mitts and warms socks for their lessons.
  • What do I wear to public skating?
    • A CSA-approved helmet is mandatory for all skaters aged 6 and under. Helmet rentals are free of charge!
    • Skates must be worn on the ice. You can bring your own or rent from us.
    • Please dress warmly as our skating rink has an open roof!
    Can I sharpen my skates when I’m there?

    Yes, we have skate sharpening services available during public skate hours. Skate sharpening is available for $15 per pair.

    Are pets allowed in Koerner Gardens?

    Please note pets are not allowed in Koerner Gardens, where the skating rink is located.

    Can I rent skates when I’m there?

    Yes, we have skates in all sizes available for you to rent.

    Is Free Public Skating indoors or outdoors?

    Free Public Skating is an indoor-outdoor experience! The roof of Koerner Gardens is open.


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