Bike Ventures Camp

Evergreen’s Bike Ventures Camp is dedicated to connecting campers aged 8-14 of all mountain biking experiences to the outdoors, where campers will take part in skills sessions, trail rides, mechanical workshops, and nature play.

The 2023 season is now closed. Please check back in the new year for registration details.


This program includes guidance and coaching from experienced mountain bikers and outdoor educators; however, we require all campers to have good bike handling skills before registering.



Our experienced bike counsellors will help campers gain confidence, teach them important mountain biking safety skills, and ensure they have a positive experience while helping campers develop their mountain biking skills and confidence. Our Bike Ventures activities are designed to be fun, inclusive, and positive as campers work through their teamwork, sportsmanship, and of course, mountain biking skills.


Campers aged 8-14 ride their way through the wilder side of the Brick Works Camps and the Lower Don Valley!


Bike Ventures campers will be grouped together based on age to create an age-appropriate experience. Campers of all mountain biking experiences are welcome for each group; however, we require all campers to have good bike handling skills before registering.

HawksAges 8 - 118:45am - 3:30pm (after care available)
FalconsAges 12 -148:45am - 3:30pm (after care available)

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To get a full sense of the program download our official Handbook.

2023 season recap

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My camper has an account credit. How can I use the account credit towards Bike Ventures Camp?

Please contact our camp office if you’re interested in transferring your account credit towards Bike Ventures camp

My camper does not own a bike. Can we still register?

Yes, absolutely! You’re welcome to borrow one of ours! Upon registration, you will have the option of renting a bike for an additional cost of $50/week.

Please know we will try our best to find the right bike for your camper but we are unable to guarantee it will always be the right fit. You are welcome to visit us and see our range of bikes yourself prior to your camp session! Please contact our camp office if you’re interested in this option.

What happens in the event Evergreen cancels Bike Venture Camps due to unforeseen circumstances?

If Evergreen is forced to cancel Bike Venture Camps, we will notify you via email. Please keep your household information updated on Camp Brain. As Evergreen is not-for-profit organization, refunds will be issued, however, 10% of camp fees will be retained as an administration fees. Evergreen retains the right to change our refund policy without notice to adapt to the evolving public health situation or other unforeseen circumstances.

What happens if my camper falls ill during Winter Day Camps?

If a camper falls ill during a camp day at Evergreen Brick Works, they will be in the care of our Camp Leadership Team in our Camp office which is located in the alleyway leading up to the Children’s Garden! See here for our map.

Caregivers will be contacted to pick up their camper immediately. Please write to if your camper stays home for the rest of the day on account of feeling ill or sick. Refunds will not be issued for missed camp days and unfortunately, no make-up option is available at this time.

Do you have a Lost & Found office?

Our Camp Office is our lost and found office! The Camp Office is in the alleyway leading up to the Children’s Garden. Please write to if your camper has forgotten or lost any item at Evergreen Brick Works. See here for our visitor map.


Please note, we strongly encourage campers to avoid bringing items deemed as valuable to camp. Evergreen is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Is there an extended after care program?

Yes, we are pleased to offer an extended aftercare program from 3:30-5:30pm for an additional fee of $90/week for weekly camps or $18/day for day camps. Please contact our camp office for more information.

My camper is too old for your camp. What other opportunities are there at camp for them?

We are always looking for volunteers to support our camp program and to grow our camp community! Please contact our camp office if you’re interested in volunteering.

We also have our LIT and Trail Blazers programs for campers ages 12-14. To learn more about our leadership programs, you can refer to our LIT & Trail Blazers PDF.

Can my camper be in the same group as their friend?

Building a fun, friendly and accepting group of campers is a key goal for Evergreen Adventure Camp, and we encourage all campers to build new friendships while at Evergreen Brick Works.


To ensure this, we accept friend requests only if the campers are in the same grade program and session, and we limit the requests to one per camper. Friend requests that are not in the same grade and session group will not be considered.


Please write to with your friend request with your camper’s information as early as possible including their full name, registered camp session along with their friend’s camp information. We will try our best to accommodate, however, know that we are unable to guarantee friend requests.

Where can I park?

Evergreen’s Day Camp programs offer registered camp families a free parking window in all parking lots at Evergreen Brick Works from 8:45am-9:15am and 3:30pm-3:45pm for each day of camp.


Your parking passes will be shared with you in your Camp welcome email approximately one week prior to your camp session. We strongly recommend printing your parking passes to avoid being ticketed during pick-up and drop-off.


Those registered for Extended After Care will receive a separate parking pass. If parking outside those hours, you must pay at the meter. For our shuttle bus timings, please see here.

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