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Evergreen Brick Works

Dear Friend,

Early Wednesday morning, the Lower Don River exceeded its banks and flooded much of the DVP and Bayview Extension. Evergreen Brick Works is located in the river's flood plain and was hit by this flood.

Although the site was designed to withstand flooding, Wednesday's high water levels certainly put us to the test. Thanks to the effort of Evergreen staff and volunteers who rolled up their sleeves to clean up the considerable debris and silt that the Don River left behind, the site reopened within 48 hours and by Friday, we were once again providing unique programming that connects us with nature in the city.

Since Wednesday, we have received a much more welcome "flood" of emails and phone calls from the Evergreen Brick Works community asking us what you can do to help.

Today, I'm reaching out to ask for your support. Evergreen's "rainy day" fund that we earmark for flood recovery is now dry. Your donation today will help us replenish that fund so that we're ready again the next time a significant flood hits. A donation of $25, $50 or whatever you can afford will make a big difference!

I am always amazed by the incredible support and encouragement of the community that surrounds Evergreen. Thank you for being part of it, and thank you for your generous support.

Geoff Cape

In three feet of water, the popular Evergreen shuttle bus looks more like a boat!
Donate today!
Water, water and more water...
You might be able to find a parking spot—for a canoe!
The main floor of the Centre for Green Cities—under a foot of water.

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