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2 teenage people and one younger person sitting on a log playing music

This holiday season, empower young people leading change across Canada.

Part of our work in building better cities is creating opportunities for youth to develop the skills, experience and confidence they need to build healthy, sustainable communities across Canada. And we’re asking you to help.

When you donate to Evergreen, you’re empowering youth across the country to make meaningful change in their communities. Today!

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Spotlight on Future City Builders: Feed Your Flat

One example of how we are supporting young people is Future City Builders, a national Evergreen program started by RBC Future Launch. It brings young people together to understand and tackle challenges in their community. The eighteen-month experience culminates in a “pitch competition” to win funding to launch their project.

I don’t think we would be here today without that encouragement and confidence in our idea and in our skills. - Alexia Caron-Roy and Emily Knight, members of the winning Future City Builders Calgary group Feed your Flat.

Last year in the Calgary region, the winning concept related to tackling food insecurity. Passionate youth leaders created Feed Your Flat, an urban gardening kit designed to grow food in apartments and reconnect city dwellers with how food gets to their kitchen table. This project has grown into a thriving small business.

There are young people like Emily and Alexia, two members of the winning group, across the country who have the passion and drive to make a meaningful impact in cities.

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