Celebrate Latin American culture and food at Evergreen Brick Works, with a Mexican market, crafts, live music and traditional dancing by local and international performers. Plus tequila and mezcal tastings!

Visit the different altars (Ofrendas), an essential part of the Day of the Dead celebrations, and leave behind your offerings to remember and honour the memory of your ancestors.

Food & Drink

Mayahuel Bar
Tequila, Mezcal and Local Beer Bar

Mayahuel is the Aztec Goddess of fertility and the agave plant—which tequila and mescal are made from.

At the Mayahuel Bar, enjoy two cocktails made with Jaral de Berrio Mezcal and Tequila Los Arango Reposado, as well as Ontario Brewing Awards winner Hopsta La Vista from Longslice Brewery Inc.

Time: 11am–3pm
Location: The Pavilions
Special Guest: Maestro Tequilero Manny Contreras

La Salsa Más Rica
Taste and Vote for Your Favourite Salsa

Who has the top salsa in Toronto? Taste and vote for your favourite salsa prepared by Toronto's top Latin Chefs, as they go head-to-head in a friendly competition to win the coveted award of “La Salsa Más Rica”.

Time: 1–2:30pm
Location: The Pavilions

Think your salsa is the best in the city? Contact Marina Queirolo at mqueirolo@evergreen.ca or 416-596-1495 x231 to join the competition!

Aprendiendo sobre Tequila y Mezcal
Mezcal & Tequila Tasting

Explore the cultural significance and the differences between Agave, Mezcal and Tequila—best-kept secrets of Mexican gastronomy and key to the Day of the Dead celebration.

Time: 11am–3pm
Location: Café Belong

Food on a tray.

Menu Especial
Special Menu at Café Belong

Join Café Belong for a Mexican-inspired all-day brunch.

Time: All day
Location: Café Belong

Mercado de Productores
Sunday Farmers Market

Spice up those winter blues with some Mexican and Latin American street food, made with local ingredients. Plus all the vendors and food from the regular Sunday Farmers Market!

Latin Sweet Treats

Pan de Muertos
by Pancho’s Bakery

by I Love Churros

by Maizal

Pastel de Tres leches
by Rebozos

Polvorones, Pan de Muertos, Conchas y Novias
by Tierra Azteca

Sugar Calaveritas
by Tierra Azteca


Mayan moca y chocolate caliente
by ChocoSol Traders

by Maizal

Savoury Treats

Palomitas de Maiz (popcorn)
by Evergreen

Posoles y tamales
by Maizal

by House of Empanadas

Mix and match taco trío (carnitas, barbacoa, al pastor mushrooms)
by Chef Paolo Solorzano

Tortas, guacamole, moles, salsas y nachos
by Mad Mexican

Tostadas and tortillas
by ChocoSol Traders

by Chorizos La Abuela

Sopes de Chorizo y Cochinita Pibil, Taco de Lengua y Quesadillas de Pollo y Calabaza
by Rebozos

Fish Tacos
by Grand Electric

Tacos de Puerco y Tostada de Nopales
by Xola

Taco Trio
by Santo Pecado

El Tromp
featuring Chilaquiles y Pozoles

Live Music & Dance

Danza Azteca
Pre-Hispanic Aztec Traditional Dance

Celebrate and learn about these prehispanic traditional dances that represent certain nahuales (animal spirits) and are accompanied by drums, shakers, and wind instruments.

Performers: Community Dance Group
Time: 10:15am

Jarana Huasteca
Mexican Folklore Dance

Tlacuatzin is a trio of remarkable Mexican musicians, who explore the profane and sacred music of the Huasteca. Their first foray abroad is a rare opportunity to experience an ancient repertoire seldom heard outside their region that includes mestizo huapangos, festive Day of the Dead airs, improvised verse and enchanting violin solos.

Performers: Tlacuatzin
Time: 11:30am

A dancer at Day of the Dead 2014.

The Mexican Folk Ballet

Created in January 2012 under de artistic direction of Jorge Zarate Tristan, The Mexicans Folk Ballet presents shows based on the dynamism, aesthetics and polychrome of Mexican folklore, and promotes the love of Mexican traditions and customs.

Performers: The Mexican Folk Ballet
Time: 2:30pm

Arts & Crafts

Projecto Arte Público
Public Art Project

Make your mark on this mystery portrait by dropping in and painting a square with artist Eric Gold and Burrow staff. We'll find out the subject of the portrait when the final piece is assembled and unveiled to the public!

Location: The Burrow
Time: 11am
Facilitator: Eric Gold

Serigrafia de Dia de Muertos
Day of the Dead Silk Screen

Create your own Day of the Dead shirt or bandana using cool stencils specially made for celebration! We'll have t-shirts and bandanas for sale, or you can bring your own fabric—though we kindly ask that you give a donation to help cover the cost of supplies.

Location: The Children’s Garden
Time: 10am–3pm
Cost: $5–10

Desfile de Calabaza
Pumpkin Parade

Recycle your carved pumpkin! Join the Pumpkin Parade and show off your carving skills. Evergreen will compost your pumpkin here onsite. Plus, paint your favourite animal skull on a pumpkin.

Location: The Children’s Garden
Time: 10am–3pm

Painted skulls. Photo: Morgan Yew

Ecología y el Ciclo de la Vida
Ecology and Life Cycles

Learn everything from how worms break down creatures that decompose after death to identifying animal skulls we’ve found in the valley.

Location: The Burrow
Time: 10am–3pm

Actividades en el Jardin de Niños
Childrens' Garden Activities

Celebrate our new fire pit with demonstrations of outdoor camp cooking with our skilled animators while listening to camp fire stories and drumming sounds.

Location: The Children’s Garden
Time: Noon

Calavera Catrina
Skull Face Painting

Drop by our face-painting booth and be transformed into a calavera (skull) for the celebration!

La Catrina has become the referential image of Death in Mexico, and it is common to see her embodied as part of the celebrations of Day of the Dead.

Location: The Pavilions with FaceART & The Children’s Garden
Time: 10am–3pm

A girl having her face painted.

Lotería Jarocha
Family Lottery Game

El Fandanguito is a new version of the traditional Mexican game lotería, which is similar to bingo except images are used rather than numbers.

In this particular version, the familiar motifs such as the mermaid, the drum, the boot and the barrel have been replaced by sixty prints created specially by Alec Dempster to represent the traditional repertoire of songs from Veracruz, Mexico.

Location: The Marketplace (Building 14)
Time: 10am–3pm

Ofrenda Communitaria
Community Altar

Help us make a community altar to honour all the animals that have passed away in the valley.

Location: The Children’s Garden
Time: 10am–3pm

Palomitas de Maiz

Join us making popcorn on a fire barrel while listening to children's stories.

Location: The Burrow
Time: 10am–3pm

Fabricación de Velas

Make your own candle using a sheet of wax and a hair dryer.

Location: Evergreen Garden Market
Time: All day
Fee: $5

Celebrate & Learn

Cual es el Significado del Dia de Muertos
What is the meaning of Day of the Dead?

Learn and ask questions about the cultural significance of this day. Why it is important? Explore what can we learn from this tradition that honors those that passed away.

Location: Main Stage
Presenters: Alec Dempster, Historian Yuyutlztin Pérez, Chef Paola Solorzano
Time: 10:15am

La Historia del Maiz
Maiz Taste Education Table

Learn, touch and taste the different types of corn available in Ontario, and discover the true origin of maiz, known in English-speaking countries as corn.

Location: The Burrow
Time: 10am–3pm

Aprendiendo a hacer Tamales
Tamales How-To

A traditional dish made of masa, steamed or boiled in a leaf wrapper. Learn how to make them at home, with tips from Gabriela Ituarte of Maizal.

Location: Main Stage
Time: 1pm & 1:30pm
Chef Demo: Gabriela Ituarte, Maizal
Facilitator: Lauren Baker, author of Corn Meets Maize, Food Movements and Markets in Mexcio