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What’s Your #WaterPledge for World Water Day?

Published on March 18, 2015

My #WaterPledge is to cook and eat more more seasonal food that requires less water to grow -Claire Bodkin
Evergreener Claire's #WaterPledge is to cook and eat more seasonal food that requires less water to grow. (photo: Evergreen)

By Nicole Czorny, Communications Coordinator, Evergreen 

Watersheds play a vital role in the health of our cities and perform many functions, from providing clean and accessible drinking water and locally grown food, to absorbing greenhouse gas emissions for cleaner air to breathe. 

In urban areas, a mix of pollutants (such as pesticides and cigarette butts) and hard, impermeable surfaces prevent water from flowing into the ground. Visit our Restoring Urban Watershed page to lean more about urban watersheds. 

This takes a heavy toll on the health of our watersheds, affecting local wildife, plants and access to clean drinkable, swimmable and fishable waters. But there are simple actions you can do to change the tide.

In lead up to World Water Day and the Urban Watershed Festival at Evergreen Brick Works, we're asking Canadians to take the #WaterPledge and share how they will protect the health of their watershed.

Take a picture, make a video and share your pledge with @EvergreenCanada on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using #WaterPledge.

Ready to dive in but not sure where to start? Get your feet wet with these water-wise tips and pledges from Evergreen staff in the gallery below.