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Take part in 100In1Day this year

Be part of a growing global movement that is changing how people interact with their cities.
Top image caption: A piano activation for 100in1Day in Hamilton in 2016.

Published on April 24, 2017

By: Lhazin Nedup, project manager 100In1Day Canada

“What is your dream for your city?” This question kicks off a typical 100In1Day workshop.

Across the globe, 100In1Day has turned civic engagement on its head – turning to citizens first, instead of last, unearthing issues and determining what solutions might exist if people were asked first. The movement has become a re-education in “civic engagement." 

Launched by Evergreen in 2014, 100In1Day Canada is back this year on June 3rd in Hamilton, Ottawa, London and Edmonton.

The event is part of a growing global movement that is changing how people interact with their cities. Originating in Bogotá, Colombia in 2012, 100In1Day has encouraged hundreds of communi­ty-based interventions in the streets, sidewalks, parks, laneways, public squares, waterfronts, front lawns, porches and common spaces of cities around the world.

The initiative draws participation from a wide variety of groups including residents, neighbourhood associations, arts and environmental organizations, anchor institutions, local governments, small businesses and Business Improvement Areas.

100In1Day Vancouver in 2016.

Interventions are simple, often low-cost community projects or actions that are free, open to anyone, and designed to create positive change, like pop-up parking space parties, plant swaps and seed giveaways, laneway concerts, community art creation and neigh­bourhood potlucks.

Interventions like these take place all on one day, in a series of city-wide 100In1Day celebrations that demonstrate the collective power of small actions.

Though the emphasis of 100In1Day is on small actions, it is a movement that challenges the entrenched cynicism and culture of risk aversion that says regular people can’t get involved or have an impact on their community. The result of hundreds of people coming together to make a difference can extend well beyond the one-day celebra­tion—it can inspire people to act, build connections and capacities, develop innovative solutions and even support policy change.

Vancouver 100In1Day activation

People get and stay involved in 100In1Day for different reasons — for volunteer opportunities, to practice or learn new skills, to be a part of something larger, to have an impact and contribute positively to their community, to challenge cynicism and embrace hope, to do something creative and exciting, to meet new people and to make new connections.

100In1Day also generates impacts at the community-level by enhancing neighbourhoods and spawning new ideas, solutions and initiatives. They inspire dialogue, challenge the status quo and raise awareness of new possibilities

So “what is YOUR DREAM for YOUR CITY?”

Join the movement  Need some inspiration? Check out our inspiration toolkit from last year