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What’s on your #CityWishlist?

Share your voice in the conversation about our cities. Tell us, what change do you want to see in your city?

Toronto photo with CityWishlist hashtag.

Published on April 10, 2018

Our cities are in the midst of a transformation. It's time we add our voice to the conversation about our cities, communities and neighbourhoods across the country.

What's on your #CityWishlist? Tell us! It could be as simple as more seating in parks and as complex as carbon-neutral buildings. 

Let's shape our cities for the better. The more voices, the better our cities will be for everyone. Join the conversation on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Want to see your idea take shape? Attend a workshop in your city and discover how we can help you make it happen! Go to to register for a workshop in the 12 participating Canadian cities