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What’s On at the Saturday Farmers Market in February

Spread the love this February at Evergreen Brick Works' Saturday Farmers Market!

Chocosol Booth at Evergreen Brick Works Image: Jim Felstiner
Top image caption: ChocoSol's vendor booth at Evergreen Brick Works ‐ Image: Jim Felstiner

Published on February 01, 2019

Ingredient of the Month: Chocolate

Chocosol Chocolate w/ Flowers

Spread some love! For this Valentine’s Day, give a chocolatey gift to someone you love (yourself included) and support not one, but two social enterprises.

ChocoSol’s locally produced chocolate is good enough to bring you to the Brick Works, even when it’s -20 outside.

One of their signature products is Drinking Chocolate. It’s different than hot chocolate because it’s made with melted chocolate, rather than powdered cocoa. Try a cup next time you’re at the Saturday Farmers Market or pick up a puck of sweetened chocolate from the ChocoSol booth or Evergreen Garden Market to make it at home!

Watch ChocoSol’s video on how to make Drinking Chocolate:

ChocoSol Traders: A whole lotta love

ChocoSol has been a vendor at the Brick Works for 9+ years. For this month, they connected with us to chat about their products, mission, and the importance of supporting local vendors within the local farmers’ market community.

Just like Evergreen Brick Works, ChocoSol is a social enterprise. What that means is they have two necessary accompanying objectives. In one sense, ChocoSol operates like a standard business, in that their goal is to generate and earn revenue. However, what separates a social enterprise is that revenues earned feed back to support their mission of supporting progressive social, cultural, environmental, and economic initiatives. This means an ongoing, reflective practice of working in partnership, collaboration, and co-operation with growers and communities in the Americas.

Read more about how Evergreen Brick Works operates:

The ChocoSol concept first developed in 2004 in Oaxaca, Mexico and has been based in Toronto since 2006. The name ChocoSol links together three languages: English, French, and Spanish. “‘Sol’ is from the Spanish word for ‘sun’ and refers to our first 1,000 kilograms of cacao that were roasted with solar power in Oaxaca. In French, ‘sol’ means soil, acknowledging that you must have the soil of the gods in order to have the food of the gods. In English ‘sol’ sounds like ‘soul’ and reminds us of the importance of conducting our work with a good mind and spirit.”

Chocosol Chocolate

ChocoSol has a variety of delicious foods, but their passion is foremost cacao and chocolate. They roast, winnow and stone grind their cacao in Toronto, not far from the Brick Works on St Clair West. All of their chocolates range between 65% and 100% cacao content. Not only is their chocolate low in sugar, but it is also free of dairy, gluten, artificial preservatives, and soy. For ChocoSol, chocolate isn’t candy – it’s food.

Find them all month long at Evergreen Brick Works’ Saturday Farmers Market. Plus, stop by Evergreen Garden Market on Friday, February 15th for a tasting of their chocolate bars between 1-4pm.  

Photos courtesy of ChocoSol Traders.