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What’s On at the Saturday Farmers Market in August

Locally-made treats and recipes from our vendors to celebrate blueberry season in Ontario

Blueberries at the Evergreen Brick Works farmers' market Image: Al Yoshiki
Image: Al Yoshiki

Published on August 03, 2021

It’s starting to feel like an almost-normal summer on weekends at Evergreen Brick Works. With updated COVID-19 public safety protocols from Farmers’ Markets Ontario, we have brought back our picnic tables to eat in the market and most importantly, our favourite customers: dogs!

Looking to learn more about what's in season at the market right now? 

 Visit Foodland Ontario’s Availability Guide or speak to your local farmer at the market!

For many of our market goers, August means blueberry season. We asked our vendors to share their most-loved blueberry treats that they sell and favourite recipes to make with locally-grown Ontario blueberries. 

Blueberry treats and recipes from our vendors at the Saturday Farmers Market

Hadrien Patisserie 

Hadrien from Hadrien Patisserie is highlighting their blueberry danish this month. A “flaky pastry filled with vanilla cream and topped with blueberry lemon lavender preserve”? Say no more! 

Hadrien Patisserie is owned by chef Hadrien Verrier. They sell French pastries made in their shared space concept located within Death in Venice Gelato at 1418 Dundas Street West. 

Hello Betina 

Carol from Hello Betina brings a Blueberry Basil jam to the Saturday Farmers Market, inspired by her mother. You can watch the video below to see Carol’s process for jam making, and read the caption for a beautiful story about her and her mother’s relationship. 


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Hello Betina is a small local business led by Carol Gauche, a Brazilian chef and preserves lover. Most of the recipes come from her family recipe book and tips from friend's family recipes. Food is a theme that was always around Carol since her childhood. Betina’s - her mom’s kitchen is the first room you step in when visiting her parents’ place. The business was named after her mom, the best cook in the world. 

Molly B’s Gluten Free Kitchen 

Fran from Molly B's Gluten-Free Kitchen is always proud to share their wild blueberry tarts at the Saturday Farmers Market. They’re even award-winning, three years in a row at the Evergreen Brick Works Wild Blueberry Festival! 

Molly B’s Gluten Free Kitchen is a family-owned, local, artisanal, all gluten-free, nut-free and non-GMO bakery with vegan and vegetarian options. They have been at the Saturday Farmers Market for at least 7 years. 

Dave Smythe Ontario Cheeses 

Dave and Heily from Dave Smythe + Ontario Cheeses wanted to share their blueberry shrub vinaigrette recipe, and how they use it for a summery salad topped with goat cheese.

Recipe: Blueberry Shrub Vinaigrette

  1. Make the blueberry shrub: a shrub is a drinking vinegar that is often used in cocktails and as easy as anything to make, using 1-1-1 parts fruit, sugar and apple cider vinegar. Pop the blueberries and sugar in a mason jar, muddle and let sit on your kitchen counter for 3 days. Add the apple cider vinegar and let it sit for another 24 hrs. Strain through a cheesecloth and it is ready to be consumed. It will keep in your fridge for about 6 months. 
  2. Make the vinaigrette: Blend the blueberry shrub with grapeseed oil, some minced shallot, mustard and salt and pepper to taste. Shake, shake, shake to emulsify. 
  3. Make the salad: The salad itself is a combination of greens (your choice, but Dave and Heily are fans of arugula), fresh blueberries (the star attraction), very fine slices of red onion and perhaps some paper-thin cut red radish. Top with a liberal crumbling of Fifth Town Lemon Fetish Cheese. It is a fantastically popular Feta(ish) little knob of goat cheese, rolled in lemon rind and red fife wheat. The lemony flavour imbues into the cheese and makes a tasty tart topping for a sweet and summery salad.

Dave Smythe is a Prince Edward County-based cheesemonger, selling artisanal Ontario-made cheeses. Ontario Cheeses has been a vendor at Evergreen Brick Works for over 10 years.

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