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What’s On at the Saturday Farmers Market in April

We’re thinking about the sweetness of new beginnings and the sweetness of maple syrup!

Bottles of McCutcheon's Maple Syrup at Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market.
Top image caption: Bottles of McCutcheon's Maple Syrup at the Saturday Farmers Market.

Published on March 26, 2021

Happy April! This month is such a wonderful transition time — watching all the ice finally clear and the trees start to bud. After an especially hard winter, these changes around us feel extra hopeful.

April is also our last month in the indoor market space at Evergreen Brick Works. At the start of May, the Saturday Farmers Market moves outside to the Pavilions for the outdoor season! We’ve loved being surrounded by the magic of the old kilns this winter, but are equally excited to get outside.

It’s maple syrup season!

By the Gregorian calendar, January is the start of the New Year. But for many cultures and people around the world, the Spring Equinox represents the time to begin again. Within Anishinaabe Moon Teachings, this time of year is known as the Sugar Moon which also coincides with the start of a New Year for many in the Anishnaabe Nation.

Can you guess why it's called the Sugar Moon? You got it — it’s time for sugar maple sap to start running! When the days remain warm (above 0 degrees) and the nights remain cool (below 0 degrees) this creates pressure in the trees that the causes the sap to flow out of the tree through a tap hole. The sap run only lasts for a couple weeks so when the trees start flowing, it is go time for maple syrup farmers!

Where to find maple syrup at Evergreen’s Saturday Farmers Market

This time of year, our main maple syrup vendor is Seth from Forbes Wild Foods. In addition to offering a variety of wild foraged foods, they have remarkable maple syrup, maple sugar candies and maple butter for all your sweet tooth needs!

Seth from Forbes Wild Foods holding up a bottle of maple syrup at Evergreen Brick Works farmers market
Seth from Forbes Wild Foods with a bottle of maple syrup.

Besides the classic maple syrup on pancakes, try their syrup in lattes, glazed on roasted veggies, on top of ice cream, or just a spoonful straight from the bottle. No shame in that!

Fun fact: Maple trees aren't the only trees you can tap for syrup! Birch trees produce a darker, richer, more savory syrup similar to molasses in flavour. Lucky for you, Forbes also has tasty Birch Syrup at their table.

The not-so-sweet reality of maple syrup and the changing climate

McCutcheon's Maple has been a staple of the outdoor farmers' market season. The unfortunate reality of our changing climate has meant a quick transition from winter to spring, and a short season of sap running.

Sadly, their limited supply because of the short season means we'll be missing out on McCutcheon's syrup this year. If you're already heading north to the Simcoe area this summer, you can visit McCutcheon's at their farm store.

Learn more about maple syrup production in Ontario regions in this Maple Syrup Production Report.