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What’s On at the Farmers Market in March

Spring is almost here! Come see some of the amazing features at the Saturday Farmers Market this month.

Apples in baskets at the indoor Farmers Market at Evergreen Brick Works. Image: Natta Summerky
Image: Natta Summerky

Published on February 20, 2018

As we excitedly plan for the outdoor Farmers Market in May, we are pleased to share these exciting new stories from our Farmers Market community. In other great news, scroll to the end to learn more about our new partnership with Lyft!

Weekly Themes

March 3rd | Hello from Tim, of Cléments Crêpes!

It should come as no surprise that our Farmers Market community is full of talented people. One of these people is Tim Clément, of Clément’s Crêpes, and he has been up to all sorts of wonderful creative things this winter.

As a composer of "Atmospheric Canadiana" instrumental music, I am spending these winter months recording an album with my life-long partner, Mychael Danna (Oscar & Golden Globe winner for "Life of Pi" soundtrack).  In keeping with our focus on the Canadian landscape, the theme for this project is music inspired by the work of Tom Thomson.  We have chosen 12 Thomson paintings to portray with a romantic, immersive soundscape.

West Wind painting by artis tTom Thomson

I recently put together this Vimeo tracing the history of Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works. From a four million year old tropical sea, to the Don Valley River mouth formation, to the establishment of the Don Valley Brick Works Co. in 1892, the quarry has been transformed into the valuable, diverse natural habitat it is today.  Evergreen, a Canadian not-profit organization whose mission is to create flourishing cities, has taken stewardship of the site and restored many of its historic features.

Shot on three consecutive Saturday mornings in 2016 (directly behind my booth at the market), this romantic ambient video is a "time-lapse" portrayal of the spectacular changing autumn colours. Music by Danna & Clément, from our album North of Niagara.  

Enjoy! For more info, Vimeos, and Soundcloud tracks, please visit my website. See you all in May!

March 10th | An Update from Peter, of Rolling Hills Organics

For the second consecutive year, Peter Finch of Rolling Hills Organics (long-standing Brick Works Farmers Market vendor) is spending wintertime on Lake Atitlan in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. Having made solid connections last year, he is supporting local initiatives by sharing many varieties of certified organic seeds as well as farming experience. In exchange, he gets to take in methods of permaculture, terraced hill farming, organic market gardens, all in a volcanic, elevated altitude terrain (1,600 metres, or 5,000 feet above sea level), at planting season.

Atitlan Organics is a farm high in an Eden-like valley based around permaculture principles, consisting currently of around two and a half acres of mountainside fields, fruit trees, and animal shelters. Chickens and goats provide the farm with ample rich compost from the barns that continually builds fertility in the terraced fields. They also provide between them eggs, meat, milk, cheese, and yogurt. Fruit trees include mulberry, banana, mango, orange, papaya, pomegranate, soursop, and, of course, coffee, and there is regular production of salad greens marketed locally.

In Santa Catarina Palopo, high above the town are 20 acres or so of terraced fields, elaborately engineered with irrigation channels by the Mayan community a long, long time ago. Corn, squash, onions, beans, avocados, lettuce, almonds, yucca, oranges, papaya, chrysanthemums, and lilies grow here in abundance, all sold locally.

Rolling hills in Guatemala

Amigos de Santa Cruz Foundation has been helping to improve the lives of the indigenous Mayan people of Santa Cruz la Laguna and surrounding villages since 1998 by supporting education, health and economic development, especially for women and children. A pilot project has local women growing food in raised beds in their own gardens.

At Villa Sumaya, terraced raised beds high up the hill behind the property provide for most of the fresh vegetarian menu. And, wherever he stays, Peter likes to plant a salad garden on arrival, so that he gets to enjoy wonderful organic salad greens after three weeks!

Saturday, March 17 | Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Did you know that St. Patrick’s Day occurs annually on March 17 in observance of the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland?

We might not have any green beer for you at the Saturday Farmers Market, but make sure you stop by our Sipping Station located in the Fido Kitchen for refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages!

Want to learn more about the holiday? Check out this fun infographic.

Another way to celebrate green? How about joining the urban agriculture movement on Sunday, March 18! We are hosting the ever-popular Seedy Sunday, so don’t forget to pop by and celebrate seed diversity, urban growing and amazing local food.

Pollinators are our special focus this year, so join in our workshops and meet some beekeepers! Our apiarist friends Alvéole will be on site to teach us more about our pollinating friends.

Ready to dive in to the exciting world of seed exchange, but not sure about how it all works? Check out our blog for some tips! See you at Seedy Sunday!  

Saturday, March 24 | World Water Day

We are truly lucky to be in Ontario! With over 250,000 lakes, we have access to 1/5th of the world’s surface fresh water, according to the Government of Ontario.

As places around the world deal with the effects of climate change, extreme climate events are becoming more common. As a result, one of the biggest challenges is water scarcity and security. We are witnessing this as places across the globe cap water usage in drought conditions. We’ve experienced this in Toronto, and most recently, this has occurred in California and Cape Town.Pond at Evergreen Brick Works

Everyone in our market community can agree that water is essential to a successful growing season. However, we must all keep in mind that too much of a good thing can be bad – last year, many of our farmers crops were flooded. Hopefully, this year will be more balanced and fruitful. After all, a good growing season is good for both the farmers and us!    

Visit the official website of World Water Day to learn more about the movement!

Travel to the Saturday Farmers Market with Lyft!

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