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We’re Drilling

Published on June 21, 2009

For the past two weeks we have had large drill rigs onsite drilling down depths of 6 to 11 meters below grade to install 36 micropiles for our Centre for Green Cities. Micropiles are steel bars that anchor the building in place and provide structural support.

Micropile installation Installing micropiles for the new Centre for Green Cities (photo: Bill Deneau)

We chose to use micropiles because they have a relatively low impact on the site. Since they are drilled into the ground instead of pounded in, they displace the least amount of soil in comparison to other techniques. Given that we are building on a brownfield site, we are trying to limit the amount of times we need to excavate and remove soil.

Also, since we are not driving piles, we are limiting the vibrations that could potentially harm the heritage buildings—and limiting any noise that could disturb our neighbours. We will be using this same technique for the footings for the Marché building as well.