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Video: Citizen scientists help make change in Vancouver

See how Evergreen and HSBC's volunteer citizen scientists have made a difference in their own
Top image caption: Evergreen volunteers test water quality in Renfrew Ravine in Vancouver.

Published on March 15, 2017

Want to be a citizen scientist? Don’t worry, you don’t have to have completed years of school for this work.

Citizen science is the collection of scientific data by someone who is not a professional scientist. Scientists can’t be everywhere at once and sometimes they need the help of dedicated community members and volunteers to collect simple data.

It’s not hard either. It can be something simple like testing the quality of water in local streams and animal habitats or it could be recording the amount of litter cleaned up in a public space.

This important information is then used by scientists and municipalities to monitor the health and wellness of these ecosystems.

Citizen science is a critical part of building community and maintaining healthy waterways and ecosystems and in urban areas.

Through our partnership with HSBC, Evergreen is able to conduct important work to maintain healthy waterways in Canada’s urban areas.

By participating in events like Uncover Your Creeks, local volunteers have the opportunity to engage in activities that allow them to feel connected and take ownership of our valuable ecosystems.  

Without our volunteer citizen scientists, we would not be able to make such a large impact on the health of our waterways!

Sounds like an important job, so what are you waiting for? Step up and become a citizen scientist today!

March is Water Month at Evergreen! Join the conversation: #EGWaterMonth and #HSBCCommunity.

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