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Published on January 22, 2009

Vandalism on Building 1 Vandalism on Building 1

Evergreen Brick Works has recently been the target of vandals. Some people with little respect for nature or history have used spray-paint to deface rocks, heritage buildings, Evergreen and Humane Society signage and City of Toronto vans. This anti-environmental action is a harsh reminder of how vital our mission really is.

Evergreen is a charity. After more than a decade of stewarding the parkland, protecting the site from development and programming it for community use, it is a shame that we will have to spend precious time and money cleaning up this sort of mindless destructiveness.

Vandalism on Building 4 Vandalism on Building 4

We have always relied on the invaluable input of our Community Advisory Committee and our many local partners and friends. For those interested in genuine discussion, we’re available to talk anytime. As for the vandals, the police have been notified and we’ve invested in additional security. Those caught doing damage to the site will be prosecuted.

When so many of our staff and volunteers are working together to preserve a cherished heritage site and ensure a greener future for our cities, it’s disheartening indeed that a few will try to ruin it for everyone else.