Potatoes at the CSA Fair during Seedy Sunday at Evergreen Brick Works/Robert Geatrix

Tips and tricks before your first CSA box

Thinking about signing up for a CSA box but don't know what to expect? We have you covered.

Wait, what exactly is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. When you join a CSA, you’re signing on at the beginning of growing season to support a local farmer’s crops or product.

In return for your investment and support, you get a share of the crops each week!

The most common CSA box is full of fresh and delicious locally-grown produce. What you may not be able to guarantee is the amount and type of each type of produce included in the box.

Here are five tips and tricks to know before your first CSA box arrives at your doorstep:

  1. Plan weekly meals after your box arrives

Usually meal planning means deciding what you’d like to cook and eat that week and then heading to the store. With a CSA box, the process is flipped. See what arrives first before deciding to pick up any remaining items on your shopping list.

  1. Plan for perishables

Some items in your CSA box will last longer than others — think potatoes compared to lettuce. Make sure you set a plan to eat the more time-sensitive veggies earlier in the week.

  1. Have adaptable recipes on hand

This is where we push the pasta sauce or stir fry! Think of meals you can make where the chosen ingredients are easily swapped for different vegetables. Zucchini can go in a pasta sauce or can even replace noodles.

  1. Freeze your veggies

Sometimes you just can’t make it through all that kale. Tha'ts when freezing comes in handy. You can even prep and blanch them ahead of time to make cooking even easier.

  1. Make and share

CSA boxes are a great opportunity to reach out and share with friends and family! Make lots of jam during berry season or apple sauce in the fall.

If all this has you hungry for you own CSA box, come visit Evergreen Brick Works on March 5. As part of our annual Seedy Sunday celebration, we are hosting a CSA fair where you can meet plenty of farmers and choose the right box for your family.