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The New Watering Hole

Published on April 20, 2009

Our seasonal programming doesn’t start until May 23, but geese and ducks are already making regular visits to our newest water feature, a stormwater management pond we’ve created within the industrial pad, near Bayview Avenue.

The new stormwater pond next to Bayview Avenue The new stormwater pond next to Bayview Avenue

Next spring we will begin to naturalize the area by planting native trees, shrubs, wildflowers and aquatic plants to help to filter pollutants, stabilize the banks and increase habitat.

Stormwater runoff can result in the transfer of pollutants to streams and the overburdening of sewer systems. The pond plays an important part in our plan to mitigate potential negative impacts of stormwater runoff. The strategy includes a combination of preventative and action measures such as installing green roofs to filter and absorb water, harvesting rainwater and storing it in cisterns for use onsite and replacing hard surfaces with permeable landscaping.

We will begin to monitor and measure the pond’s performance and effectiveness when we open next year.