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Evergreen Grows: 10 years of Seedy Sundays

Celebrating the future of urban agriculture and a decade of Seedy Sundays at Evergreen Brick Works

On Evergreen Brick Works’ 10th anniversary, Evergreen’s Seedy Sunday is becoming Evergreen Grows. Image: Sammy Tangir
Image: Sammy Tangir

Published on February 24, 2020

Swap seeds, learn about vermicomposting, make your own herb box or herbal tea blend, and more on March 29 at Evergreen Grows (formerly Seedy Sunday).

As Evergreen Brick Works approaches its 10th anniversary this year, along with a decade of hosting Seedy Sundays, we're refreshing the event with a new name. With everything you've come to love about coming together at Seedy Sunday, Evergreen Grows is an opportunity for everyone to get involved in urban agriculture - to reflect, socialize and learn more about the natural world. It's a celebration of the potential nature has to ground us in wellness and community, for the future of cities to thrive.

A brief history of Seedy Sundays around Canada

As the days get increasingly longer and the snow begins its springtime melt, agriculturists all around Canada are busy planning for the outdoor growing season – and uniting at their local Seedy Sunday or Saturday.

A Seedy Sunday (or Saturday) is a time in early spring, usually between January and April, where agriculturists  - farmers or gardeners - come together to exchange seeds harvested from previous seasons and learn agricultural practices from one another. What’s special about Seedy Sundays and Saturdays is that they’re not just one event, but a network of events all around Canada and increasingly, around the world. Seedy Sundays and Saturdays can be anywhere from a small group of 10 people to over 2,000 participants, organized by volunteer communities, established public spaces, large organizations, or even a group of friends.

While seed saving and sharing is as old as agriculture itself, Seedy Sundays and Saturdays began in the 1990s in British Columbia. Since then and largely due to Seeds of Diversity’s involvement in the network across Canada, the number of events grow each and every year. Over 120 are being held this year across Canada, and that’s just ones connected to Seeds of Diversity!

A decade of Seedy Sundays at Evergreen Brick Works

Since the opening of Evergreen Brick Works a decade ago, Evergreen has hosted a Seedy Sunday or Saturday every year. Even before that, Evergreen has been involved in the collaborative network of Seedy Sunday and Saturday events around Toronto through the Toronto Community Garden Network.

One of the first Seedy Sundays at Evergreen Brick Works
One of the first Seedy Sundays at Evergreen Brick Works.

Through the dedication and creativity from Evergreen’s volunteers, partners and vendors, Evergreen’s Seedy Sunday began expanding from a seed exchange to a community gathering of showcasing urban agriculture practices in action.

Urban agriculture for the future of cities

Urban agriculture is an important tool for diversifying the regional food system. Most important, the growing and sharing of food connects people, supporting the development of vibrant, diverse communities.

Last summer, Evergreen created six new garden spaces on-site in partnership with Aphria Inc.’s Plant Positivity. This year at Evergreen Grows, you will have the exciting opportunity to take seeds harvested from those gardens home with you and start your own Plant Positivity Garden, contributing to a diverse and resilient regional food system.

Join us at Evergreen Grows on March 29! Looking to get involved? Volunteer!