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Reflecting in the Renfrew Ravine

Published on June 13, 2013

Two SMAS volunteers doing stewardship in Renfrew Ravine. Photo: Evergreen.Two volunteers from the Still Moon Arts Society doing stewardship in Renfrew Ravine
(Photo: Evergreen)

Guided by the vision of Artistic Director Carmen Rosen, and the passion and commitment of community volunteers, the Still Moon Arts Society (SMAS) has been connecting people, art and nature in the Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhoods in Vancouver since 2004.

The focus of many SMAS efforts is the Renfrew Ravine—an island of green in a sea of homes, roads and industrial land. Renfrew Ravine is home to Still Creek, one of the only streams in the City of Vancouver that is open to the air. Working with artistic, environmental, community-oriented and educational organizations, the SMAS is leading a project, Reflecting Still Creek, to study, steward and enhance the ravine and the creek, and provide opportunities for the community to better understand the significance of natural spaces in the city.

Another great example of the way SMAS celebrates community, art and nature, is through their annual Moon Festival. Held over the harvest moon, the festival showcases local musicians, artists, farmers and organizations, and engages people from across the city to pay homage to one of the last vestiges of intact urban forest in East Vancouver. The finale takes place at dusk with a walk along the banks of Still Creek, featuring lighted lanterns which have been lovingly constructed by local artists and students.

Evergreen has been fortunate to work with SMAS and some of their partners through our program, Uncover Your Creeks, over the past year, engaging more than 250 volunteers. They've been an invaluable partner and we look forward to continuing our shared efforts to work with the community to restore the native vegetation and assess water quality in the Renfrew Ravine.