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Recipes from Transit Kitchen: Part 7

Published on November 28, 2011

Here we have the last in our series of Transit Kitchen recipes, presented during the August 20, 2011 performance at Evergreen Brick Works in a special event sponsored by Metrolinx.

We hope you’ve enjoyed following the recipes and that they’ve whet your appetite for sustainable transportation in Ontario. Be sure to stay tuned to the Centre for Green Cities and MOVE: The Transportation Expo websites for more on these issues over the next year!

Bike Train and Park Bus

By: Beth Jones

These are recipes that we’ve been cooking up at Transportation Options. The great thing about them is that many of the ingredients are already available for you, so you can start enjoying them any time!

Bike Train service is a delicious combination of bike racks on GO or VIA trains, so you can roll your bike up as you board, and roll it off when you arrive at your destination.

Bike Train Ingredients

  • Your bike
  • GO or VIA flavour of train, depending on your mood and destination
  • Great places to cycle
  • You, your friends, family or anyone else who wants to come along for the ride

Flavour Options

  • Toronto Niagara GO Train: On weekends all summer long, seats on the lower levels of two GO cars are removed and replaced with bike racks, making it easy to roll your bike on the train, and then head upstairs to sit and enjoy the view. You can roll off in Niagara, or any of the stops in between, and have a great cycle tourism adventure.
  • VIA Rail: On the route from Windsor through Toronto and Quebec, all trains with baggage cars offer bike train service, where you can access Essex County, Prince Edward County, the Rideau Heritage Trail, and other great places to cycle.

Optional Ingredients

  • Ontario wine: Many Bike Trains go through wine regions like Essex County, Niagara and Prince Edward County, so you can stop on your ride and sample the local offerings.
  • Blueberries and other fresh fruit from roadside fruit stands.
  • Overnight accommodation: A great list of bike-friendly hotels and B&B's across Ontario can be found at They offer sheltered bike parking, repair tools and boxed lunches.

Thanks to the way ingredients are blended in Park Bus, camping in Ontario’s parks is easier for everyone to enjoy. The bus picks you up at select subway stations across Toronto, then heads directly to the park.

Park Bus Ingredients

  • Park (flavours currently available include Algonquin, Killarney Lake and Grundy Lake)
  • Bus
  • Tent (bring your own or rent one there)

Optional ingredients

  • Canoe: Pick up a canoe and paddle away from one of the canoe launches and outfitters along the route.
  • Fish: If you feel so inclined, you can catch your own for dinner. (Be sure to get a fishing license first!)
  • Blueberries: Ontario’s north is full of wild blueberries, so feel free to try some foraging in the bush.

Bike Train, Park Bus and Welcome Cyclists are all projects of Transportation Options, where Beth Jones serves as chair of the Board.