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Raising the Roof

Published on January 14, 2009

image Building 15’s new roof

The J.P. Brick Press is newly protected this week thanks to a brand new roof on Building 15. We removed the older, asbestos roof in November.

When we open, this space will be home to The Welcome Centre, the first stop for visitors on-site. They will learn here about upcoming workshops and activities and view art installations and interpretive exhibits exploring green design, urban sustainability and more. Those who work at the site will make this area the first stop of the day, picking up mail, greeting others and reading message boards to get up to speed on the latest programming.

The Welcome Centre Rendering of the Welcome Centre (Image: Ferruccio Sardella)

With so much action and activity planned, it was important to consider how sound would react in the space. With the help of one of our architectural firms, Diamond and Schmitt, we chose to install a three-layered roof where the inner ceiling layer acts as an “acoustics deck” to reduce echoes. Next is an insulation layer to ensure the space is energy efficient. The exterior is a corrugated, recycled steel roof, with a highly reflective, white coating that helps to reduce the “heat island” effect on the site and lowers heat absorption into the building, reducing the need for air conditioning. Sourced from a local manufacturer of LEED-standard, recycled materials. The steel roof is durable (lasting more than 40 years) and can again be recycled at the end of its life.

» More about the heat island effect from the Clean Air Partnership (PDF, 32 kB)