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Project Green Bloc: working to reduce our impact on our planet, one neighbourhood at a time

Published on May 30, 2013

Project Green Bloc residents are taking collective action to make Vancover the greenest city by 2020 (Photo: Jim Boothroyd)

As the world rapidly becomes more urbanized, cities are finding new ways to reduce their ecological footprint.

With its bold Greenest City Initiative, Vancouver is taking a leading role in this effort—setting measurable and attainable targets that will not only put the city on the path to sustainability, but make it the greenest city in the world by 2020.

To make it happen, Vancouver needs help from all its residents—that means every citizen, as well as government, business, non-profits and community members.

Project Green Bloc, a pilot project started by an inspired group of Vancouverites in the Riley Park neighbourhood, offers a great example of how cities can reduce their footprint at the neighbourhood scale.

Using a science-based model, Riley Park residents are working together to reduce their footprint by 25 percent over three years. Through a series of cooperative dialogues and community design charrettes, participants will design and implement solutions for their neighbourhood, including both individual and collective projects.

Follow their progress, gather some tips and inspiration to make a difference in your community!