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Picking a Tree Planting Site

Published on July 06, 2016

A large wooded deck wraps around a tree. Picking a tree planting site.

Transplanting a tree, especially after its reached full maturity is not as easy as planting a new one. To avoid having to manage a time-consuming and not always successful tree transplant we’ve put together this guide to make sure your tree lays roots in a spot that will work in the long run.

Where to plant your tree:

Pick an optimal planting spot

Don't plant seedlings near water holes, stumps, or rocks.

Ensure the 4 basic elements

Tree seedlings require four basic elements to thrive: water, nutrients, sunlight, and room to grow.

Make sure it has room to grow

Remember that your tree will reach a certain height and circumference at full maturity. Make sure that when it does there is no obstruction above or around the area.

Call before you dig

There is an underground network of gas, telephone, electricity, and cable TV wires, as well as water and sewer connections that could be damaged if you dig in the wrong spot. Finding out what’s under the ground before you dig is a good idea. Call Before You Dig is 24 hour 7 day a week helpline in Ontario that will let you know where and where you shouldn’t dig.

Pick a direction

Planting trees on the west, east and south side of your house will help with cooling your home. Planting trees on the north side will act as a windbreak during the winter.

What does your tree need

Each tree has some specific needs. After learning the basic requirements of the tree you have selected, pick a spot in your yard that is most suitable for the tree to thrive in. Ie. How much water does it need? How much sun?

This is step two of Everything You Need to Know When Planting a Tree, click here to read step three: When to Plant a Tree.


Written by: Jacqueline Waters, Communications Manager