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Our vendors and our public markets: A mutually-beneficial relationship

Learn about our collaborative relationships with a few key vendors at our public markets.

ChocoSol at the Farmers Market.

Published on November 11, 2018

Evergreen Brick Works’ public markets have built a collaborative community of vendors and visitors, each working to make our cities more sustainable.

Public markets provide a hub for community to gather and a platform for small businesses to grow, test and connect – both with other vendors and customers.

Take Ripple Farms. First joining us in 2017 as a tenant at Evergreen Brick Works, Ripple Farms has grown their aquaponics company into a thriving enterprise, educating residents on this innovative form of agriculture and teaching us how we can make more sustainable food choices.

They are looking to take the next step forward, sharing their expertise about closed-loop agriculture worldwide to other businesses and food producers.

Ripple Farms' aquaponics container at Evergreen Brick Works.
Ripple Farms' aquaponics container at Evergreen Brick Works

“Our small container at Evergreen Brick Works began as a pilot project,” said Steven Bourne, CEO and co-founder of Ripple Farms. “What we’ve done recently is really focus on education. If we can reach more people, we have an opportunity to educate people in diverse industries about closed-loop food production.”

But their relationship here at Evergreen Brick Works has also come full circle. They’re not just tenants anymore, but also vendors at the Saturday Farmers Market, offering their aquaponics fare to market visitors.

“We always knew we wanted to get more entangled with what is going on with programming at Evergreen,” said Bourne. “We knew we had a great opportunity to reach people at Evergreen, and a great opportunity for us.”

Not only are our markets incubators for new business, but also new sustainable practices.

ChocoSol Traders has been part of the Saturday Farmers Market family since we opened our doors more than 10 years ago.

We’ve been inspired by their commitment to giving back and doing good for their communities – both in Toronto and abroad — and the feeling is mutual.

“The Brick Works is a site that we love to be a part of,” says ChocoSol founder Michael Sacco. “It’s nice to have a community that is doing the extra work to be ecologically-regenerative so that we can shoulder that work together.”

ChocoSol at Winter Village at Evergreen Brick Works.
Winter Village visitors grab a snack from ChocoSol. Photo: Al Yoshiki

ChocoSol are not just vendors here. They’re working with us collaboratively, transforming our sustainability here on site in some innovative ways.

One of these ways is with their regenerative “cacao pod.” ChocoSol is developing a mobile café that is completely solar-powered and zero-waste. It could become a pilot to further sustainability not just here on site, but abroad as well.

We’re privileged to have an amazing group of passionate and collaborative group of vendors and partners at Evergreen Brick Works that are committed to making their cities more sustainable and flourishing. Thank you to our public markets sponsor Bank of America Merrill Lynch for their support in helping us give a platform for small businesses in Toronto.