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Move Over Beyoncé

Published on February 11, 2009

Rendering of the Centre for Green CitiesThe Centre for Green Cities (Image: DSAI).

Evergreen Brick Works is going for a platinum record.

The future Centre for Green Cities, the only new building on-site, was designed for LEED Platinum certification. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is an international green building rating system administered in this country by the Canada Green Building Council. The system ranks sustainable development in areas of design, construction and operational performance. Depending on the number of credits achieved from an extensive checklist, the building is given a rank. Platinum is the highest level of certification possible and we’re working hard to earn it.

To ensure we reach our goal, we are currently developing a process to track all materials arriving on and leaving from the site. We must document a long list of details, from distance and method of travel to composition, including percentage recycled and reused. With the help of Eastern, over 90% of construction and demolition waste will be diverted through recycling or salvaging.