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Meet Mike

Published on January 08, 2009

Mike Adams, Eastern Construction

A project of this scope and scale relies on a diverse team of creative problem solvers. We are working with all types of experts from artists and engineers to teachers and archaeologists.

One of our key players at this early stage is Mike Adams, project manager with Eastern Construction. Since 2007 Eastern has been active in the planning and design phase. Now they are setting up trailers on-site and gearing up for construction. You’ll see Mike in his hard hat and steel-toed boots running around with rolls of blueprints making sure things are running smoothly. His role is to link the design team with the tradespeople.

“It is exciting to be involved in a project that pushes the boundaries of energy efficiency and sustainability,” says Adams. In devising cutting-edge green design standards and working toward LEED platinum certification in the new building on-site, innovation and challenge come hand in hand.

“There are so few projects to compare it to,” he says. “The most difficult thing to cost was definitely the solar array. Most contractors install six to eight arrays, and we’re going to do 150. This is a unique thing we’re creating.”

Working to restore this important Toronto landmark also has a personal appeal for Adams. “The site is so well known,” he says. “.” Adams’s ties to the site stretch over 80 years. “I’m the third generation in my family to work in construction. My grandfather used bricks from the Brick Works on a project in Winnipeg in the 1920s. Then in the 1950s my parents lived in the area and my grandma would often take walks through the ravine. My wife also remembers playing in the parkland as a child in the 1960s, and in the 1980s I would bike around the area.” Soon, thanks to Adams and hundreds like him, there will be even more on-site for future generations to enjoy.