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Meet John and Joe

Published on January 21, 2010

image John Della Serra and Joe Furtado (Photo: Annie MacLeod).

When asked how he is going to keep warm as we embark on a second winter of construction, John Della Serra from Eastern Construction responded “wear many layers and to hell with making a fashion statement!” This kind of honest practicality is exactly why John and his associate Joe Furtado are two of our favourite people on site.

John is the project superintendent and Joe is the labour foreman. Between the two of them, they have well over 60 years of construction experience. They know a few things about building.

As the safety gurus on site, the pair are always double checking our gear, and their friendliness and professionalism are highly valued. As you can see from this photo, they have a real sense of humour and we think they make a great team—just don’t get them started on who makes the better tomato sauce.

Lucky for us, they are always willing to lend a hand, even when, in true Evergreen style, we make unique requests. They’ve helped us move beehives, build enclosures for piglets and even prepare for a visit from HRH Prince Charles. They also installed signs along Bayview Avenue, where unfortunately Joe came into contact with some poison ivy, and we all learned incredibly quickly how serious it can be.

Thanks to John and Joe for their contribution to the project. We look forward to continue working with them this year.

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