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Make small, easy changes that leave big impacts

Published on March 16, 2016

Two girls high-fiving while holding a Project Green Bloc sign. (Photo: Mychaylo Prystupa)

A how-to guide to reduce the environmental footprint of your neighbourhood

Cities are buzzing with ideas for change. There is a shift to building cities that are resilient to changing climates, growing populations, and ever increasing infrastructure costs. Many governments are keen to embed change into their planning and policy, but need the support of their residents to make real change a reality. At the same time, the pressure to change your lifestyle as an individual can be overwhelming. That’s where Project Green Bloc comes in.

Started as a three-year project, Project Green Bloc was designed by neighbours in Vancouver’s Riley Park neighbourhood in an effort to bring residents together to create a safer, happier, more sustainable neighbourhood: a lighter footprint neighbourhood.

Funded by the Vancouver Foundation and sponsored by Evergreen, Project Green Bloc used fresh research, community dialogues and a range of fun activities and useful workshops to help residents learn about their patterns of consumption and together reduce their collective and individual ecological footprint by 25 per cent. 

This project toolkit sits at the intersection of individual action and policy, providing direction for community collectives and neighbourhoods looking for inspiration and to support one another in creating safer, healthier, more sustainable ‘blocks’ that account for diverse values and needs.

No matter your level of experience with organizing, or environmental action, the resources in this toolkit can help you and your neighbours plan and build community projects to lower your ecological footprints in a way that works for you.  This guidebook contains advice, practical tips and case studies drawn from our experience working with various organizations and program partners to create tangible change in neighbourhoods.

A family biking in a forest.
A man working on a garden in a back yard. (Photo: Mychaylo Prystupa)
People looking at a display of their neighbourhood map. (Photo: Mychaylo Prystupa)
A woman weighing some cardboard waste. (Photo: Mychaylo Prystupa)
People talking next to a bike at a bike workstation. (Photo: Vanina Torres)
Community members at a cooking class. (Photo: Paula Leyton)
Community members at a neighbourhood buffet. (Photo: Mychaylo Prystupa)
Community members painting a mural on their street. (Photo: Ellen Li)
A Project Green Bloc participant raking his front yard. (Photo: Mychaylo Prystupa)
Lighter Footprint Project