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Create Laneway Murals

Published on March 21, 2016

A man painting a mural.

So, you want to paint a mural for 100in1day? Great! Laneways are filled with flat surfaces just waiting to be beautified. Gather creative minds to transform garage doors, brick walls or even the roads into community-oriented murals that will promote safety through visual enhancements. Here's what you'll need to do.

What You’ll Need:
Paint/Spray Paint
Empty Containers

Network with community groups, councillor, residents and merchants about your idea
Check permits & apply for a Graffiti Art/Art Mural Exemption
Discuss and gain approval with private property owners
Develop a project plan with artists and community members
On the day, set up art supplies

Additional Resources:
The Laneway Project’s How to Guide: Add a Laneway Mural
City of Toronto Graffiti Art/Art Mural Exemption

Success Stories:
Ossington Laneway Art Project
Kenwood Lane Art Initiative

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