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Join the Mid-Sized Cities Learning Exchange

Evergreen, OCAD University and the Council for Canadian Urbanism are seeking applications for the inaugural year of the program.
A photo of Hamilton's skyline.
Top image caption: Hamilton, Ontario / One of Ontario's mid-sized cities

Published on November 27, 2017

The future of Canada is mid-sized. The country’s medium-sized municipalities are a critical component of our urban ecosystem and home to over one-third of Canadians.

Evergreen, OCAD University and the Council for Canadian Urbanism have come together to support the country’s mid-sized city leaders through the Mid-Sized Cities Learning Exchange. The Learning Exchange uses unique group-based approaches to better understand and solve complex urban problems, and offers tools and resources that will advance the capacity and skills of leaders from across Canada.

The Mid-Sized Cities Learning Exchange is seeking applications from senior level municipal staff and band/council staff in mid-sized communities with a specific focus on urban development issues. This initiative builds on the work Evergreen has been leading as part of its Mid-Sized Cities Program, a multi-year effort to support the vibrancy and capacity of Canada’s mid-sized cities.

Fill out this application form to be considered for this year’s cohort.