A map of the communities chosen for Green Bloc Neighbourhoods.

Introducing your Green Bloc Neighbourhoods

Meet the three Vancouver communities who have been chosen to take part in Green Bloc Neighbourhoods!

Evergreen is excited to announce the Vancouver communities chosen to take part in Green Bloc Neighbourhoods.

With support from Green Bloc, along with the Sitka Foundation and the City of Vancouver, these three neighbourhoods have already started to decrease their collective ecological footprint by 15 per cent this year.

A map of the Vancouver communities chosen for Green Bloc Neighbourhoods.

Without further ado, meet your Green Bloc Neighbourhoods:

Kensington – Cedar Cottage: One of the most culturally and ethnically diverse neighbourhoods in Vancouver, this group includes single family residences, apartments and duplexes, and a wide range of ages.

The champions in this neighbourhood are eager to “teach ourselves and our children how to work with rather than against the ecosystems that support us.”

South Cambie: Situated next to the rapidly developing Cambie Corridor, this neighbourhood includes a diversity of renters and owners, and includes St. Jude’s Seniors Residence.

These champions believe their neighbourhood will be enhanced by “lots of social connections and that these connections are enhanced by place-based improvements that create opportunities for face-to-face interactions.”

Dunbar – Southlands: A changing neighbourhood of quiet, residential streets lined with grand old trees, this close-knit, grassroots oriented group of long-time neighbours have already painted a road mural and created a safe walking campaign for their community.

They hope to keep their community connected and want to “expand some tactical urbanism activities and get a community garden started...and expand out from there!”

“These neighbourhoods represent not only geographic diversity, but include people from a great mix of cultural, housing and socio-economic backgrounds," said Robyn Chan, project coordinator for the project. "We are excited to see what they have in common, and how we can create a network of people committed to living lighter.”

Don’t forget, if you’re not part of Green Bloc, you can still take part and make a difference. Read more about some simple ways you can change your neighbourhood — and your city.