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How to Make Your Christmas Tree Last

A helpful guide on how to make your Christmas tree last for the holidays.

Published on November 15, 2016

Tall, short, sturdy or soft - how do you like them?

We’re talking trees.

And whether you’re on the hunt for a big, bold 12-ft Balsam or a skinny version of a Fraser Fir, you’ll be sure to find the perfect tree at the Evergreen Garden Market.  

Over 1,000 fresh-cut and living Ontario-grown trees are waiting for a home for the holidays. And whatever tree suits your Christmas style, the challenge lies in keeping it green and vibrant all through the holidays.

Evergreen’s gardening expert Aaron Harpell, Sr. Manager of Retail and Commercial Operations at Evergreen Brick Works, shares these tips on how to make your tree last.

  • Give a fresh cut (1-2 cm from the stump) of the tree before bringing it inside. Just ask the staff at the Evergreen Garden Market to do this for you.
  • No worries if you have to leave it outside for a bit. Trees without a fresh cut can be stored in a cool spot out of the direct sun for up to two weeks. Be sure to give it a fresh cut before moving it indoors.
  • During the first week, you may need to add water to the tree stand 2-3 times a day.
  • Afterwards, top it up daily with lukewarm water. Watering consistently helps it retain needles and keep that fresh tree smell through December. For best needle retention, start by choosing a Fraser fir.
  • Keep your tree away from heat sources like a fireplace and certain electronics to help it stay vibrant longer.

Here are more tips on caring for your Christmas tree during and after the holidays.

Why not give your tree some company? Evergreen Garden Market has wreaths, garland and ornamental pots of greenery, plus delicate stained glass and hand-painted wooden ornaments.

All proceeds from the Evergreen Garden Market go directly to Evergreen’s programs.