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How Do You Participate in 100in1day?

Published on March 18, 2016

Young guy dancing on 100in1day.

How do you participate in 100in1day?
Have you ever had an amazing idea to change your city? Have you walked by a space and thought of other possibilities for it? Do you see potential in your city to improve? Have an idea for a solution to on-going problem?

Of course you do! Your city is your home and you have so many ideas on how to improve it your brain might just burst. But here’s the deal. For 100in1day, on June 4, we’re asking you to pick just one of those amazing days and put it into action as an intervention.

What’s an intervention?
Interventions are the activation of your amazing idea to improve your city. To be more specific an intervention is a community-based project, led by an individual, a group of like-minded citizen(s), neighbours, or an organization. These projects, be they whimsical and fun or advocating for social justice and change, are a simple, often low-cost way for people to showcase their ideas for a better city. Interventions respond to the needs of the public—either through the social community, in public spaces or the built environment—with a goal to stimulate community involvement.  They aim is to inspire participants and onlookers alike—fostering a strong sense of community and positive change.

Need some inspiration? Here are 100 ideas for interventions for 100in1day.