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The Things That Made This Year OK: Evergreen Brick Works Pandemic Stories Told By You

Need to see some rainbows? A video about a turtle laying eggs?

Two people at Evergreen Brick Works sitting in the truck of their individual cars with cups of coffee Image: @erinleethompson25 via Instagram
Image: @erinleethompson25 via Instagram

Published on February 23, 2021

It’s not the anniversary we wanted to celebrate, but here we are, one pandemic year in Toronto.

We want to bring a bit of positivity to this moment. Maybe these stories will inspire you to get outside this winter, or just remember some of your own special moments that made this year OK!

People got to know the trails around the Brick Works

Q: Did you discover something new about this place? A: I discovered the Moore Park Ravine connected to your trails

And had some incredible nature sightings along the way...

Q: Did you have a spectacular nature sighting? A: A turtle laying eggs!

We saw that too, while filming this gardening video!

Some sightings came as a bit of a surprise...

Q: Did you have a spectacular nature sighting? A: Always! Wasn’t too enthused coming across the snakes though!

They're slithering in there, somewhere!


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The resident beavers got very comfy making the ponds their home.

And took a number of trees down in the process. 


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Don't worry, City of Toronto staff are finding ways to protect trees and facilitate water passage while letting the natural progression of beaver social dynamics proceed.

Friends found new ways to hang out together.

No school? No problem.

Q: Did you discover something new about this place? A: Every PA day, I would send my husband and son on a scavenger hunt at BW.

The kids in camp got to know the Evergreen names for nature spots in and around the site!

Q: Did you find a favourite new hang spot? A: Love the Cave of Dreams and Raven’s Rapids!

Some Brick Works lovers got engaged here!

Q: Do you have a special moment to share? A: We were scheduled to volunteer at the rink on Valentine’s Day, but what you see in the picture happened (wink face)

And a brick lover started this community art project.

Q: Did you discover something new about this place? A: Started collecting discarded bricks in Toronto to paint/hide. Check out my account


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To tie it all together, remember this double rainbow? If you didn't catch it in real life, it was all over Instagram!


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Was there something at Evergreen Brick Works that made your pandemic year OK? Share it with us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.