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6 Great City Ideas that Already Exist

Published on March 16, 2016

toronto skyline

Who ever said it can’t be done never saw any of these amazing city initiatives take place. From bike friendly highways to super trees to parks in the sky, these city’s had the vision and the determination to see these six great city ideas come to life. To get your own great city idea into motion register it today with 100in1day.

Copenhagen: Cycle Super Highway
As more and more people start to trade in their cars for bikes, cities have been trying to integrate cycling into roadway infrastructure. Copenhagen has taken this idea a step further by creating a cycle highway specifically built to optimize biking commutes. The project aims to create fast, comfortable and safe routes for cyclists in the city who use bikes as a tool for transportation. 

Cycle Highway.

New York City: The High Line
In a condensed built up city such as New York finding a location for a new public park can be a challenge. Using the unused structure of an elevated rail line as a base, New York raised its new park into the sky. This elevated park is part promenade, part town square, and part botanical garden, and is host to many pieces of art both stationary and interactive

the highline.
(photo: .

Singapore: Super Tree Grove
As part of Singapore’s Garden by the Bay project, the country built a manmade steel forest that consists of 18 super trees. The trees are 25-50 metres tall and are described as tree-like vertical gardens designed with large canopies to provide shade during the day and come alive at night with light and sound displays. On top of the trees being visually appealing they also act as cooling ducts for nearby conservatories, collect rainwater and 11 of them have solar photovoltaic systems to convert sunlight into energy.

Super trees.

Global: Cat Café
It’s been said that interaction with animals provides happiness, and can help reduce anxiety. So why not order your coffee, set up your laptop and enjoy a snuggle with a cat.  Over the years, cat cafes have seen popularity in New York, Los Angeles, Asia, Europe and Canada.

cat cafe

Quebec City: Carnaval de Quebec
Cold weather is a symptom of most Canadian provinces during the winter. Where many see a time of year to stay inside, Quebec saw an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy the season. With activities such as winter sports, snow sculptures, and activities based on the traditional Quebec lifestyle, such as canoe races and dogsled races you’re bound to warm right up.


Columbia: The Gondola Project
Faced with the problem of an insufficient transportation system in a country of hills and mountains, Medellin, Columbia, is now home to the world’s first fully integrated urban CPT cable system. The Gondola project consists of three Metrocable lines that function as commuter lines and link directly to the city’s rail system. Two of the lines serve neighbourhoods located in the mountain foothills that surround the city, while the other links to a region that is currently experiencing rapid growth.


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