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Four Families Strengthen Their Roots by Tree Planting

Published on October 08, 2015

Doing tree planting is hard work. But the impact it has is worth it, and can be captured in different ways. Tree planting is good for the environment. It brings communities of people together. And it even strengthens people’s connections with each other—families and friends united by a goal of giving back, and getting a bit dirty along the way. Here are four stories of connection with and through nature from a tree planting event at Monticello Park in Richmond Hill, Ontario.   

Ilan and his father

Father and son at Monticello Park tree planting

They headed out to the tree planting event to spend some quality time together. To do something fun. To make a positive impact on the environment. To make their park better. Ilan felt proud that he was making this contribution to his community. He’d come back with his father. Maybe next time Ilan will recruit another family member or a friend. “I want them to experience the same emotions I feel—fun and pride—when they plant trees.” Ilan said with a big smile on his face.

Josephine, her two sons and their friend

Four volunteers posing at Monticello Park tree planting

It was one generation leading by example to inspire another. Leading by example, Josephine wanted to show her sons and their friend the importance of community and giving back. They all felt great being there—but a little bit tired because planting trees is hard work. It’s all worth it to be able to come back in the future and know that they contributed to Monticello Park in a very tangible way. “I would like my family to experience the satisfaction of seeing the trees when they visit the park and watch them grow in years to come.” Josephine said.

Nour, her siblings and their friends

Group of friends tree planting at Monticello Park

Nour, her brother, sister and their friends found out about the tree planting event from the guidance office at school. The time spent here would count towards their community hours. More importantly, it was doing something they all loved to do. “It feels awesome to be here!” said Nour. They were planting trees that were cut down when there was construction. Providing habitat for the nearby animals was motivating for them. “We feel like we really made a difference—it’s a great experience. You are saving the world and helping the local community.” they all echoed enthusiastically.

BingQing, Albert and their parents

Sistaer and brother at Monticello Park tree planting event

This family recently immigrated to Canada less than one month before from China. They read about the Monticello Park tree planting event in their local community centre. It would be a good way to get involved in the community and help them learn English and communicate with others. They liked digging the holes for the trees while imagining how Monticello Park would look in the future once the trees took root in their new home. “We want to share this experience with others—it gives you a feeling of being happier.” Albert said.

This community tree planting event took place at Monticello Park in Richmond Hill, Ontario. It was generously sponsored by the 407ETR. Click to find out more about Evergreen's Community Greening program, including where other events are happening across Canada. 

Interviews by: Hanifa Mamujee, Evergreen Correspondent | Edited by: Blair Smith, Marketing Manager, Evergreen