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Electric bikes are getting people moving in China

Published on September 18, 2014

Electric bike charging station on the street in Beijing, China. Photos: Geoff Cape.Electric bike charging stations like this one are going up rapidly all over China, finds Evergreen CEO Geoff Cape (Photos: Geoff Cape)

Our CEO Geoff Cape just came back from a trip to China with the World Economic Forum, and was excited to share these electric charging stations he saw in Beijing. Says Geoff:

“They are simple, centrally located and very inexpensive. They hang from the storefront kiosks and take coins (about 65 cents per charge for the average electric bike). There are two ‘pumps’ on either side so two electric bikes can be charged at the same time.

This charging format has been developed to support the fact that there are now over 200 million electric-powered bicycles in China. Across China, cyclists are adopting electric motors to support longer distance commutes and commercial offerings are being made to support this growing shift.

The culture in China has embraced this idea and is moving fast to see it deployed. They have not waited to get it perfect, they have not waited to align it with other energy distributors (gas stations, electric utilities, etc.); they have simply put them in place and the market is moving.

We need this sort of action here in Canada. Parallel to the fast paced growth of electric-powered bicycles in China, are the aggressive plans to develop 42,000 electric car charging posts across Beijing over the next 5 years. Estimates suggest that there will be over 500,000 electric and or hybrid cars on the road by 2015! Things are moving in China.”