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#EarthDay the at-home way: Sustainable Tips from Evergreen

Published on April 22, 2020

This Earth Day is a little bit different than what we're used to. But that doesn't change how much we love and care for our Mother Earth. We encourage you to take today to both reflect and take action from home.

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Try to disconnect. The land we’re on doesn’t exist on a screen, and you can reduce your carbon footprint by spending more time offline.

Start a container garden. So what you don’t have a backyard? You can grow your own fresh food on a windowsill in your basement apartment or on your apartment balcony.

Build a loose parts kit. We believe in child-led, unstructured play. Use natural materials like wood, stones, and pine cones, and inspire your kids to build their own learning and play space with what the Earth provides us with.

Buy local food boxes for pickup or delivery. While we can’t shake the hand that grows our food to say thank you, we can still support short food supply chains by buying local

Donate to Evergreen. We’re a not-for-profit that lives and breathes sustainability. In fact, enabling a future that is livable, green, and prosperous is something we can do together by donating this Earth Day.